A lantern for a door prize

A lantern for a door prize

Hi folks. It seems I am running behind as I didn’t know it was Tuesday already. So lots of pictures and not much text today.

My guild Sale and Exhibition is in a couple of weeks and I promised a door prize of a lantern. In reality, it is a glass vase with a cover and fairy lights inside. They are very pretty. You want them to look interesting when they are not lit as well as when they are lit.

So I started out to make a scene. I used bats to save layout time.





And then wrap it around

and then I decided it was still boring so I should add a little village.

I thought the white was too bright so I went will black. I want a hint of a village in the distance. I did one on each side.

In retrospect, I should have gone with white. There would probably have been enough migration of fibres to dull it down a bit. As was predictable if I had thought about it they disappeared. I will shave it later to see if I can get a hint of where they are and add them back. but it can wait as after felting I decided it was way too thick for a lantern. I am definitely out of practice felting. I do like the scrunched-up water and flared sky though.

Try again. this time I am using a nice blue merino top and some orange and gold silk lap. the silk should be interesting enough on its own.

A nice thin layout

and some lovely silk lap

and done, here they are together, silk never shows as nice as it is in a picture.

The light forme the fairy light shines through nicely even with the light on


Much better than the first one

so that’s my adventure in felting this week. I hope you like it, I hope the winner likes their prize.

21 thoughts on “A lantern for a door prize

  1. Great post Ann! I have never heard of a door prize – it sounds like a super idea and it must attract lots of visitors.

    The merino with orange and gold lantern is gorgeous and it looks stunning when lit. I can see light coming through on your first lantern. If the shaving does not have the desired impact you might think about tiny holes or bigger ones surrounded with seed beading or stitching – it could look quite interesting. Time is a woeful enemy ….. sometimes

    1. Thanks, the orange a blue one turned out really well. There is a little light with the other one. I will do something with it.

      The door prizes are there to encourage people go give us some information like where they come from ( postal codes), how they heard about us and signing up to get a notification of next years sale. There we pull names at the end of the sale for 3 door prizes.

  2. Your final lantern looks lovely. It is a lantern of 2 parts….the lit version showing through the fibres & making the blue vibrant. The unlit version gives emphasis to the shiny orange silk fibres.

    Lucky the person who wins the prize.
    Good luck with the sale & exhibition.

  3. It’s always interesting when you haven’t felted for a while and you get back to it. Somehow, we all get a little rusty. Both lanterns are nice and I think the use of cutouts would work to make your village shapes. Lucky person who wins the door prize. Have a great guild sale and exhibition. I’m sure Jan will take photos but we want to hear all about it!

    1. Thanks Ruth. even if the first one wasn’t right for what I wanted, it was fun to felt it. Cut outs may be the answer. Jan will take hundred of photos and I know she will share the best of them with us. I will try to get a couple of her.

  4. Totally agree with the rust setting in when you’ve been away from felting for a while!

    Your first version, though not quite what you’d planned, is still a very pretty vase cover with its textured bottom and fluted top.

    Your second version is lovely and lets the light through well – whoever gets the door prize will be pleased to have it in time for Christmas!

  5. The orange and blue lantern is lovely Ann, that silk lap looks a bit special!
    I like the way you’ve scrunched the “water” on the other piece, it would make a nice vase sleeve.

  6. Yep, me too – very rusty wet felting after all the needle felting I’d been doing for a couple of years, but I’m glad I’m not the only one.
    Love your lights Ann – both of them, and Helene’s idea of beaded holes is good. You could even try making the holes fairly large and stringing beads across the holes as well as around them.
    As Ruth says, please tell us about the event.

    1. It was nice to do some more felting. I don’t seem to have enough time for it these days. The first one seemed thin but there was far to much after the shrinkage. holes and beads seems like it would be a good idea. The beads would catch the light. I am sure we will tell you all about the sale and all the wonderful things for sale.

  7. Lovely Ann! I think the first piece would be fun to practice some decorative cutouts. Maybe random hearts?

  8. Great post, I love your shade, great colour and the light shows through so nicely. I’m sure the winner will love it too.

  9. Both look great, but the second is definalty more lantern like. have you considered turning the first one into a spindle bag? you could make a strap for it and maybe a nice leather base? i think we will both be rather busy the next week and a half!

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