Book Folding Party

Book Folding Party

My local group of artists has started back onto our regular schedule of monthly meetings. This month, we folded books. In the past we have created lots of paper with various methods of surface design, so one of our goals this year is to use paper from our stash.

Supplies laid out for bookmaking

We have been working through this book to learn more about folded book techniques. This shows the supplies and tools that we used to create the books.

Thanks Paula for hosting and here we are getting ready to start. We have our cups of tea and snacks too! And we have already chatted and had show and tell before we start our project for the month.

This time, we were folding a set of “tree fold” pages with a “diagonal pocket” cover.

Four Books Created at our Art Group Meeting

Here are the four books that we made. There are a couple of pieces of double stick tape on the tree fold pages but the cover holds together with just the folds. We then used pamphlet stitch to attach the pages to the cover.

Here is a little closer look at the books.

Top View of Hand Folded Book Showing Inside "Tree" Pages

And an inside view from the top of my book. The pages form a tree shape with graduated branch pages. My book was made from paper given to me by my friend Nanci. She has had this paper for over 30 years and she said it was probably closer to 40. So I used vintage hand made paper to create my book.

Selfie of four friends on a walk after our art group meeting.

After our book making session, we went for a short walk. Here’s the group in front of a small pond.

I have really been enjoying creating different book forms. It’s interesting to see how each book comes together. It’s similar to origami but with a variety of sizes of sheets of paper to create different books. I’m sure we will be creating more books this year as there are quite a few in the book that we haven’t tried yet.

18 thoughts on “Book Folding Party

  1. The four of you look as if someone’s just said something very funny! It looks a great meeting and I love your finished books.
    I’ve just received The Art of the Fold book from the library, and I think I’ll end up buying my own copy.

    1. Thanks Ann, it was a good meeting and the books were fun to make. I hope you enjoy The Art of the Fold. As I said, we are working our way through it and I will use it as a reference for a long time.

    1. Thanks Karen, I always enjoy our get togethers, it’s a good group. It’s amazing to me how the author figured out all these different ways to fold books.

  2. What a great meeting and fun exploration! An uplifting post, to be sure. I am intrigued by the book folding and love the treasures you have created. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Deb! The Art of the Fold is a great resource if you are interested in book folding. I originally got it through my library and then decided it was well worth the investment. There are also YouTube videos on book folding if you want to give it a try.

  3. Love the group photo – made us smile as you all look so happy 🙂

    They knew how to make paper to last 40 years ago – it looks great! Wondeful folding and opening the book would be fascinating.

    1. Thanks Ladies, our get togethers are the highlight of the month so I guess we are all happy 🙂

      Yes, the 40 year old paper was amazing and worked great for this type of book.

  4. Thanks for sharing looks a lot of fun. Would make great gifts. Did you discuss how you will use these books. Will they be display pieces or will you fill the pages?

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. We sometimes fill our books but mainly I make them to explore different book forms. I have a stack of them to do something with.

  5. I’ve been looking at this book several times wondering if I should make the investment (including the investment in shelf space….one in ‘should be’ one out 🤪….mmmm….floors come in useful too!).
    Seeing your amazing tree book & hearing of your happy group adventures has finally persuaded me.

    This tree book, & many others of your folded examples I’m sure, really need to be seen from above to be fully appreciated….they are a work of art. In fact in general it is amazing how far book creation has come over the last decade plus….a real art form in it’s own right….I wonder what the scribes of centuries past would say.

    You certainly have a darling friend to give you such incredible paper.

    Lovely to see the happy smiles of camaraderie

    1. Thanks Antje! I don’t invest in very many books but this one is well worth it if you’re interested in learning to fold book forms. I have been really enjoying it and I’m sure I will refer back to it many, many times. All of the books need to be examined from all angles and it’s hard to get photographs to show the various aspects of them.

  6. Any future ideas to fill the books, Ruth? They look super fun, I particularly like the envelope look, makes me nostalgic for receiving letters through the post somehow…

    1. Thanks Leonor, I haven’t any specific ideas yet but could do a variety of things. If I did another collage challenge or junk journal or sketching or …

      I understand about the nostalgia, I think perhaps that is one of the reasons that I like books so much.

  7. I love all the colours and textures in the covers Ruth. The tree folds look complicated but I imagine was great fun to make, especially with a community of good friends. Judging by the selfie you all had a fantastic day!

    1. Thanks Helene, it’s nice to have a stash of paper to choose from for our covers. Usually, the “innards” need a longer piece of paper and we don’t have a ton of those. I need to buy some rolls of paper to use. The tree folds were easier than the cover actually although they look tricky but it’s good to share the process with a group of good friends.

  8. It looks like everyone had a great time. other asked what I was going to ask, IE: will you or could you use them or are they decorative? They could make for some interesting pages. You could use the folds as dividers or as part of the design.

    1. We do enjoy ourselves 😜 The books can certainly be used and I like the idea of adding to the tree design using the “branches” as dividers.

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