Large Autumn Nunofelt Landscape Continued

Large Autumn Nunofelt Landscape Continued

I have been continuing work on my large autumn landscape. I added the large tree trunk and branches and was planning on adding leaves to complete the piece.

Black machine made cord of yarn and thread on white background.

However, I decided it need darker branches on the larger, foreground tree. I had some black wool yarn that I decided to use for machine cords. I twisted three pieces of black yarn together and then zigzagged over them by machine with a near black thread. Some of the yarn pieces I left apart so that there were narrowing branches of either two or one yarn diameters.

Nunofelt autumn landscape with silk paper birch trees, one foreground machine cord branch couched in place.

Then to start stitching them in place. I didn’t have a specific plan as to where they would go, I was just winging it. I couched the cords in place and in the thicker areas, I used two machined cords couched side by side.

Nunofelt autumn landscape with silk paper birch trees, foreground machine cord branches couched in place.

Here’s the piece after I had couched all the machined cords in place. You might also notice that I have folded the bottom of the piece up to see what it would look like without the bottom four inches or so. I liked the look of it better. It feels like a better scale to me. I haven’t cut it off yet, but I think I will soon.

Nunofelt autumn landscape with silk paper birch trees, foreground machine cord branches couched in place and stem stitch smaller branches added.

Then I decided that I needed thinner branches coming off the thicker foreground branches. So I used the same almost black thread in size 12 (Sulky cotton machine thread) and stem stitched the other branches. Click on the photo to see the branches in more detail.

Next up is leaves for the foreground tree. I will be cutting those out of yellow, yellow orange and yellow green silk. My plan is to add fusible web to the backside of the leaves so that they will not ravel at the edges. Then I will probably add a bit of grassiness at the base of the backgrounds trees and call it good. But you never know, I will evaluate to see if it needs anything else when I get to that point.


13 thoughts on “Large Autumn Nunofelt Landscape Continued

  1. It’s coming along nicely Ruth. I agree that the picture looks better with it’s bottom folded up. There are darker green areas in the nunoed fabric which actually now look as if they are the beginnings of a footpath coming in at the bottom left-hand corner and leading the eye deeper into the wood. Whereas before the patches of dark green didn’t seem to mean anything.
    It also means that you haven’t got to devise a way of adding “stuff” to the bottom of the large tree’s trunk.

    1. Thanks Ann! I agree with you that the darker green areas now look much more “ground” than they did. It’s always interesting what a little judicious cropping will do.

  2. Thanks Capi, this is the way I work on these landscapes. Try out ideas and then pick the ones that work best. Realism is the easiest way to create for me, I try to move toward abstraction but it’s much harder.

  3. Love the additional branches & twigs – very life-like.
    Cropping the bottom has now placed me in amongst the trees, ducking & diving the branches to explore further.

    1. Thanks Marie, it is looking more and more like autumn as I keep adding layers. I like seeing the progression as I work.

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