Still working on flowers and lambs.

Still working on flowers and lambs.

I have started adding flowers to my branch. It is slow going as I am still fighting my cold but it is started, so that’s something.

I started adding the purple backgrounds for the flowers. I took a picture partway along.  I remembered to take pictures before finishing so everyone should clap…… or something. LOL

a felted tree branch with purple flowers

Taking the picture made me look at it more and wow, dead straight


A felted tree branch with more purple flowers

So I went back and poked them into a more organic shape.


a felted tree branch with purple flowers and orange stems.

Next was the stems and that’s as far as I got. I am not sure about the blank space bottom right. I can’t decide if I like it or not.

And just for fun, sheep and lambs. theses are bad sheep who escaped in the rain and decided to eat the grass between the two houses on the farm. They are not very good at being sneaky. This was a little earlier in the spring. They are out in the pasture during the day now.

Sheep grazing on grass.

And some cute Lambs



Black sheep and her twill white lambs. Black lamb looking through the fence

12 thoughts on “Still working on flowers and lambs.

  1. Doesn’t the wiggles make the flowers look as if they are on a completely different plant? To be honest I prefer them as straight drops, a bit like skinny wisteria flowers, but that’s probably because all your samples have had straight flowers and that’s what I’ve got used to seeing. Anyway, they are coming on.
    I hope your cold goes away soon,
    Love the lambs, the white ones look very very young, such long ears – and legs. I bet they’ll make good Houdinis when they get a bit bigger.

    1. Maybe, my original sketch they were more wiggly. I was hoping for more movement in the piece.
      Some of them do have such long ears. I will have to find some with short ears to show you next time. They can be escapees very early on. Sneaking into the next pen just for fun.

  2. I’m in the other camp and love how you changed the straight to include organic wiggles!

    Different plants have different types of drops. These look like they are jiggling on the branch, caught in a breeze. My only suggestion would be to draw them down a little to give them a little more length & slimness. That said, this is just the background to your stitching, at which point your piece will completely alter again. Looking forward to seeing it develop.

    Sneaky sheep….the grass is always greener on the other side, or between the houses!

    You can continue the ‘cute’ photos, they are good for the morning soul!

    1. I think I like the wiggles. You maybe right about them needing to be longer to look slimmer. They do look short and chubby in the picture. I will see after the flowers are added. It will be easy enough to add some more purple and orange.
      Sheep love to be were they shouldn’t be. I will keep posting pictures of lambs for you.

  3. Love looking at your farm photos – they lift our spirits!

    We like the wiggly ones best too. Finish the flowers before you decide about the blank space because often spaces are good 🙂

    1. I am glad you like the farm pictures. lambs are always fun to look at.
      Yes I will Wait to decide. I know they talk about having a quiet spot for the eye to rest.

  4. Yep, I like the wiggly ones best. They look more… organic.

    More lamb photos, please! They’re adorable and tiny and I like to live vicariously 🙂

  5. I look forward to seeing how your picture progresses. Great start so far though. I didn’t realize you had so many coloured sheep. (I thought your flock was all white.) Thanks for sharing.

  6. The flowers are coming along and I do like the movement of the “wiggles”. I agree that a bit more length might help as Antje suggests. I would leave the blank space too. Love the lambs, such fun to see the new babies.

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