Finished Pin Cushion.

Finished Pin Cushion.

My Pin cushion is finished. the start of it is here:

I added a door so the hobit could get into the house. I used wool that I have had for years, it’s a mix of browns with a little dark purple. I don’t think they sell fibres anymore. all I could find was yarn.


And then I seem to have forgotten to take pictures until I added the stream. I added the stream with the felting machine. It was so much faster and easier.

Next, I added a window and some bushes and a tree. Here are a few shots of that.


I wanted to add flowers but wasn’t sure if I should do French knots or little felted blobs. Then I thought I don’t need to add any flowers, the pins will work as flowers. I had some pins with little coloured heads.  I am sure the little neat flower garden in the front won’t stay that way but it looks nice for now. I also added a door knob on for the door.




16 thoughts on “Finished Pin Cushion.

  1. Oh yes! Happy the Hobbit who lives in your house. I think it’s great.

  2. It’s adorable and I’m sure the hobbits will be very happy with their new home. Although those pins coming into the roof of their home might be a little tricky to navigate around! 🙂

  3. Oh this is so lovely, truly adorable. Love the colour, your photos, and the colour pins for flowers is wonderful addition. Awesome.

  4. Ann, what a fantastic result. You’ve echoed the theme of the bowl creating a whole new world just perfect for micro hobbits. The use of pins to create the flowers was inspired.

    I’m sure your granddaughter will be thrilled to see her gift put to such creative use. Xx

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