Felt Mushroom

Felt Mushroom

Teri wrote a post a while back about making mushrooms. She inspired me to give it a try. I already had a small circle resist (7 inch diameter) and just needed to add the stem. I cut a rectangular piece of floor underlayment (6.5 inches x 2.5 inches) to add to the circle.

Book page resist for mushroom created out of duct tape and floor underlayment foam.

Here it is after I duct taped it together. Now ready for wool. I wanted the process to be fairly quick so I chose some colors from my selection of short fiber merino which felts very quickly.

Purple and yellow wool laid out over resist to create mushroom.

I decided to ad a few pieces of pre-yarn in brown to the base. I should have put these on the outside layer but I covered with more yellow before wetting down.

Here you can see both sides of the mushroom resist covered with four layers of wool and wet down. Then on to rubbing and making sure the edges were taken care of so I wouldn’t end up with a ridge around the resist.

Purple and yellow felt mushroom upside down on shelf lining material before removing resist.

Here’s the mushroom before I removed the resist.

Felt mushroom laying on it's top with stem upward, felt cut and resist removed.

Once it was partially felted, had a good skin and starting to shrink, I removed the resist. Then on to working the cut edges and begin more aggressive felting, fulling and shaping.

And here’s the finished mushroom on a plastic base with a rod in the center to hold the mushroom erect. I didn’t quite get the bottom even enough for it to stand on it’s own. This was a fun, quick project and I plan on making a few more with a bit more surface design next time. Thanks for the inspiration Teri!



14 thoughts on “Felt Mushroom

  1. Lovely mushroom Ruth! The yellow underbelly gives it a pretty glow.
    Don’t know what your plans are but if you went with the forest floor idea (mentioned in your comment on the challenge blog post) then the uneven bottom to the stalk wouldn’t matter – anyway not all mushrooms stand to perfect attention. A goodly bit of needle stabbing would stand the mushrooms on a felt base easily.

    1. Thanks Ladies! I haven’t made up my mind about the forest floor idea yet. It will mainly depend on how much time I have. Good idea though for getting the mushroom to stand up straight.

  2. Lovely mushroom Ruth, a few of those and you’d certainly get the Hobbits scrumping them to fry up with some bacon!
    I like the way the veins on the underside are appearing through the yellow “gills”, I think that if you’d put them on top of the last layer it wouldn’t have looked so good, but of course you never know till you try it.

    1. It looks awesome Ruth! Have you considered shaving some of the yellow wool to reveal sections of the yarn? They’re very addictive to make aren’t they, so quick and easy…. 🙂

    2. Thanks Ann, I will probably make a few more so I will have to watch out for the Hobbits. The veins really don’t show up much at all now that everything is dry. But Teri has a good idea for shaving some of the yellow back a bit. I might try that.

    3. Thanks Teri! That’s a great idea about shaving some of the yellow wool. I might try that. The mushroom was quick and easy and I will probably make a few more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Mmmm – seeing your fab mushroom Ruth, that Teri inspired, is putting it into my head too to make some too.
    I’ve just said goodbye this evening to my grandkids (2.5yrs + 1yr) & the eldest is getting a surprise woodland theme bedroom complete with hedgehogs, owls & fox, & painted pine trees on the wall….so mushrooms would be quite appropriate….then maybe some fallen leaves to follow!

    What was the finished size having used the 7in diameter resist?

    1. Thanks Antje! Mushrooms would be a great addition to the woodland theme. I hope you will show us the room once it is complete. It sounds fun. The finished size was approx. 4″ diameter and 5.5″ tall. Some of the height is from the mushroom top. They are really simple and don’t take that long. I am probably going to try some smaller ones too.

    1. Thanks Ann, it was pretty simple and didn’t take long. You should give it a try. I’m not sure of the final plan for the mushrooms but since I already had the correct resist, I thought I should give it a try.

  4. I just got a pattern to knit a mushroom. 🍄 But, I might need to take a stab, at felting one too! 😂 I have a basket of knitted gnomes, that would probably feel better, if they had some mushrooms to play with!


    1. Capi, I think the knitted mushrooms would get along just fine with their felted cousins. I do think that the gnomes need some mushrooms for sure.

  5. Loving your mushroom! I’ve done lots of them in the past but they have all been needle felted. I’ve yet to make a wet felted version but seeing this I might have to give it a go!

    1. Thanks Karen, it was a very easy felt and didn’t take that long. Of course, if you start adding surface design or other surface features it might take a bit longer. Those will be my next experiments. This one was just simple to make sure I understood how the shaping would work. I am also thinking I will add another book page to the resist on the top of the circle to add height to the mushroom cap.

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