Making a Pin Cushion

Making a Pin Cushion

For Christmas this year my granddaughter gave me a small bowl. Her mother says she saw it and was excited and adamant that I would love it. We have no idea why. She is right I do like it but maybe not for the reasons she thinks. I love it because it’s from her and because she is so sure I would. I do not think she knows what Lord of the Rings or Hobbits are.

I wanted to think of some way to use it that wasn’t just popping it in with the other bowls in the cupboard. I decided on a 3D scene to use as a pin cushion. And what else could I make for the scene but a hobbit house?  I started with a dryer ball to save time filling it and some green/brown mixed roving to make the top and the hill.

I had to make a hill for the hobbit to live in. I made the hill with the same green brown wool. For the front of the house where the door will go, I used much more of the brown/burnt grass colour. Then at our last meeting as part of the felting machine test, which you will start to hear about in Jan’s next post, I used Jan’s needle felting machine to attach the front of the hobbit house to the hill

This is as far as I have made it. I need to make the door and attach it, then the hill is ready to attach to the wool base in the bowl. Now I have to decide if I am happy with the green “grass” I think it may need a little bit of brighter green.

I suppose I should go do some research online to see the colours that are used. So far I was just going with the picture on the bowl. It’s a slow project but it is coming along. Slow and steady wins the race….right?

21 thoughts on “Making a Pin Cushion

  1. Wow I love hobbit houses and would love to live in one, what a brilliant idea for a pin cushion. You have inspired me with an idea for yet another felting project to add to my list of umpteen things to make, its just finding the time to do them all. How big is your shire bowl, as I have made pin cushions from felt before and given them away to friends in the past, they make great little pressies for crafty people. Waiting in anticipation of your next update Veronica

    1. Thank you Veronica, the bowl ind 4 3/4 inches or 12 cm across. I have several projects and a million ideas on the go all the time too. Time is always in short supply.

  2. It’s a great idea in so many ways. The gift from your grand-daughter will not be shut away in a cupboard but will be on display and in use as a pin cushion 🙂
    Really can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. This is going to be great Ann. I love everything Hobbit & Lord of the Rings.
    As for grass colours, I’m thinking that your grass colour is a bit blue compared with the green on the bowl – though of course that could be just the reproduction of the colours on screen.
    I love pin cushions too, but have put off making anything too intricate because I don’t want it damaged by too much stabbing with pins. There’s an idea, if you put glass headed pins in it they could represent those lovely flowers in the bowl design.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the “make”.

    1. Thanks Ann, I think your right the bowl is an olive green so I was going with duller greens but after googling I think it need to be a brighter Irish ( New Zealand?) green. I think I will add a layer of greener green if you know what I mean.

  4. Great post Ann! This precious gift from your granddaughter will certainly see more use this way and will no doubt have pride of place in your studio. A much better place than even the best glass case. It might even inspire a workshop if you can figure a way to speed up the process. Looking forward to seeing your next installment.

    1. Thanks Helen, you’re right, how often do you look in the glass cabinet anyway. this will be a nice thing to have with my sewing machine.

  5. Love it, love it, love it! – is there no end to your creativity 🙂 Looking forward to the journey!

  6. Super idea on many levels. I look forward to its progress which is already inspiring ideas here. Thank you.

  7. This is a fun project 😁 I think it might help to add some darker value greens into the grass, especially under the brighter greens. I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

  8. Love your bowl and Hobbit House idea. When I think of the Lord of the Rings everything is a lush rich green. And the Hobbit Houses have a garden full of flowers in front of them as well. I wonder if you could make a tweedy felt that would look like garden texture?

    1. Thanks Carlene, Yes I am planning a garden as well. I did wonder about the green on the bowl as that’s not the green of New Zealand and I gather they filmed there because it resembled middle earth. I have not read the books or seen the movie. Except an animated The Hobbit a long time ago and all I really remember is Gollum.

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