Super cold morning for a spin-in, in Chesterville Ont. Canada

Super cold morning for a spin-in, in Chesterville Ont. Canada

February 04, 2023, around 6:30am-ish, it was -33c this morning and the car was not inclined to leave the driveway. It probably was afraid I would want to drive further north! It took a while to get Glenn’s car started but with a boost, she was persuaded that it would be good to go to the Chesterville Spin-in today, (not tomorrow). Chesterville is a small town almost an hour south of Ottawa and might be warmer! We should not complain, this is the first cold snap we have had and it is February.

Glenn still has his cold so he was not up to going. (It was just a really bad cold, the un-rapid test confirmed it is not covid).  Ann McElroy volunteered to be Glenn who was going to do the adding up of prices and figuring out change. I always avoid self-checkouts.  Since I was not deemed worthy (OK I also have dyscalculia) to be a cashier when I was young, so why would I want to be one without getting paid now that I am old? Ann offered to do the math parts, which I appreciated immensely.  With the car delaying me, she got there well before I did and had explained to the organizers and other vendors she would be playing the part of “Glenn” today. She said she was asked if this meant she would be sitting in the corner reading a book and then falling asleep possibly snoring. She just laughed. (This is a common event at fibre activities, Glenn is very supportive of my interests, but tends to nap at most of them, I do have many pictures to prove it.)

1) 2018 Wheels on Fire Spin-in (with a small bag of patato chips)1) 2018 Wheels on Fire Spin-in

2018 Peterborough Fiber festival2) 2018 Peterborough Fiber festival

Handmade Sign for the Chesterville spin in with drawing of fiber baring animals.3) Handmade Sign for the Chesterville spin-in with a drawing of fiber bearing animals.

A few of the vendors and some of the participants could not make it this year. There were lots of non-starting cars, and frozen pipes due to the sudden cold snap. Considering this is February, it is a bit of a late start to winter cold so we should not complain too much!  By the time I arrived, there was a bit of reorganizing the vender spots and we had been upgraded to a prime location! We were the first booth you saw as you walked past the organizer’s table.

looking from the back of the table towards the front door.4) looking from the back of the table towards the front door.

This is the first time I have been a vendor. We got the table set up (it’s sort of like doing a demo set up but Ann has more experience at selling setups.) there were a few things I either forgot (business cards) or could not find (my sharpie for last-minute price signs).

table of felting needles and suply with samples of needle felting Felting needle holders, 1 needle, 3 needle and 7 needle holders Glenn's oriface hooks and slaying hooks sheep head magnet pins with sample of 2D felting of a Ram and Friend5-8) my first felting supply table with blacksmith-made hooks.

I had examples of 2D felting (the ram with a friend), sheep broaches, felting needles and holders, a spot to try out the needles and Glenn’s blacksmith-made orifice (for spinning) and Slaying (for weaving) Hooks.

Mr. Mer from the back, Mrs. Mer under body and fins (Mer people) Mr. Mer from the side Mr Mer From the front at spin in.9-11) Mr. and Mrs. Mer were there as examples of 3D needle felting.

I was pretty sure there would only be a limited number of people interested in felting supplies at a spin-in but it would be fun and there was more interest than I had expected. I sold some needles, a couple of holders, a sheep magnet broach and an orifice hook.

We were beside Wendo Van Essen, a local felter with a hilarious sense of humour.

Ann spent a lot of the time chatting with her.

Wendo and her pincushions Wendo having a good chat.12-13) Wendo and her pincushions and Ann and Wendo having a good chat.

Chesterville legion Hall overview shot of the event (composite of 3 photos)14) Chesterville Legion Hall overview shot of the event (composite of 3 photos)

The event was held at the local legion hall. The space was divided into about 2/3 vendors and 1/3 spinners this year. The weather defiantly put a damper on some of the spinners travelling but it was still a busy event. The organizers had arranged for Coffee, tea and a selection of homemade cakes and cookies! The Cranberry cake was particularly good and I was sorely tempted to go back for a second piece. I did find the last molasses cookie too.

the legion bar had 2 bunt cakes and a few plates of cookies on it.15) the legion bar had 2 bunt cakes and a few plates of cookies on it.

  This is a Lendrum folding wheel, made by Gord Lendum, in Odesa Ont. Canadian16) This is a Lendrum folding wheel, made by Gord Lendum, in Odesa Ont. Canadian  There were even a couple wheels for sale as well as Angora. There were even a couple wheels for sale as well as Angora.17-18) There were even a couple of wheels for sale, as well as Angora.

There was a good selection of yarn and fibre to add to our fibre hordes. Let me show you some of the other shopping opportunities.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

19 -34) Slide show of Various booths at the spin-in selling yarn, baskets, fibre, weaving and spinning tools, felting, needles, and blacksmith-made tools.

At the end of the day, Ann helped me pack up and get everything back into the car.  It had warmed up to a balmy -19c, I had the heat blasting in the car but just could not get warmed through. I went to bed early and woke up with Glenn’s cold! (There are better things to share, I was glad I had worn a mask all day at the spin-in I don’t want to share this stupid cold with anyone.)

I hope you have enjoyed a trip to the Chesterville spin-in. it’s a wonderful opportunity to expand your fibre hoard, as well as chat with lots of fibre friends. Visiting vicariously is also cheaper than attending in person!

I hope you will have the opportunity to attend a fibre festival or local Spin-In or Felt-In soon, both are wonderful ways to have something to look forward to, and then enjoy, which will hopefully make winter feel a little shorter.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day I hope it brings chocolate and time to felt, spin, weave or enjoy some fibre prep!


PS. The computer ate my homework and I had to re-rite my post so I hope I didn’t forget anything the second time! (stupid computer)





18 thoughts on “Super cold morning for a spin-in, in Chesterville Ont. Canada

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day from Wales Jan, looks like you had a wonderful day and it was worth braving those teeth-chattering temperatures!! That’s what I call dedication!! Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa! I hope you found Chocklets this morning!! (or maybe bags of new fiber?)

      we have had such a mostly mild winter (but still a good dump of snow) that the sudden arival of real winter was a shawk to everyone espeshly cars and plumbing. CAA (the tow trucks that rescue cars) said they would be getting to people stuck at home as a low priority so we had to wake up glenns car to give mine a boost. as a kid in Ottawa, we usualy had a few bouts of a day or two of -40c each winter, but it didnt seem as cold in my, ummmm…. distant memory. (oh no i am starting to sound like some of the people older than me! “you kids have it easy….in my day we walked 10 miles to school and it was up hill both ways!”)

      it was worth the drive, which was slippery in a few shaded spots. there were people missing but it was grate to see the ones that were able to make it.

      yesterday it was above freezing again (+3C as i was driving back from the guild around 8:30pm) and a good chunk of the snow is gone. the weather is extreemly confused this winter. i just keep hopeing for spring but maybe not in February!

      Have a fabulous day hopefully with some felting fun!

  2. Brrrr! Now that’s cold – it’s a wonder that anyone turned out to the spin-in! However, once there the reward was a wonderful haven of colour and cake.
    Your ‘ram’ picture, sheep brooches and Wendo’s pin cushions are lovely 🙂
    Mr Mer isn’t backwards in coming forwards to enjoy a day out and to bask in compliments is he?
    Sorry to hear that you’ve got the lurgi and we hope you recover soon.

    1. Thankyou Both!
      With the inticement of Cake, Cookies, Fiber and Frends it was worth trying to brave the cold.
      i have not been enjoying the after-cold from Glenn. sharing is not careing when it comes to giving of colds!!!!
      Mr. Mer did get a few of his frends dropping by to say hi and admier his fine musles…i wonder if i should make him some of the muscle with shells? maybe not. but he seemed to be flerting less this time i have cot him cuddleing in the project bag with his wife.
      it is a frustrating cold, i feel sick, then start feeling better, do a bit then get whomped and back to bed, felt better, gave a workshop, the cold shifted from upper lungs to foggy stuffed up head, i still have the coff but now very intermitently. Glenn is feeling much better after 2 weeks but he is still coffing too. i am keeping on the mask i want the cold to give up rather than move on to a new victom.
      i hope you are both haveing a fabulous felting Valintines day!!

    1. it was a bit of a shock wakeing up to that after such a mostly mild winter.
      there is a cannal going through Ottawa that frezes and we skate on. there is even usualy a finter festival (winterlude) but this year the canal has not frozen fully and the lake attached to it has not ether. there was hope with a blast of cold it might be open for a short time but no, after the few days of cold it was back to weardly mild-ish again. i should not complain!!! i dont know who is enjoying the rest of our cold winter but they can keep it!!!
      once we got the car going it was definatly worth the drive to Chesterville, the organizers did a fabulous job! it was a lot of fun. having a cuple winter get togethers dose give something to lookforword to and makes the winter which can be very long past a bit faster.
      Happy Valentines day have fun and keep felting!

  3. I really don’t know how you cope with the cold over there Jan. Here in the UK, we hibernate when it only gets down to -5 or 6.
    I see that Glenn was asleep so long at the Wheels of Fire spin in that his beard grew significantly! (oh sorry, I missed the 2nd photo caption).
    Nice to see the Mers again, I see Mr Mer got star billing. I bet he attracted lots of interest. I hadn’t realised just how big he is – how tall (long?) is he from head to fin?
    A wonderful day out (at least between getting there and going home). Lovely to see all those pictures – thank goodness you didn’t loose those. Bloody computers – I hope you gave yours a good talking to.
    I do hope the cold doesn’t hang around too long – I always say “go to bed with a bottle” – not necessarily one filled with hot water!

    1. Thanks Ann, after a blast of winter -5 feels like spring is about to arive, +3 yesterday was back to a light jacket werd weather!!
      i dont think Mr Mer has mesured himself let me go ask. from head to baske of the the tail split is 23 inches, from the tail tip to head is 27inces. it is ether the pike parts or the 12 pack abs that make him so tall!
      i was particularly underwhelmed with all computers last night. i had to re-write from part way into the second paragraph and re pull all the photos.
      i had orignaly told you which needles i had for sale but forgot the second time. (when i finaly had the photos added, and short caption riten it said it was 6.22am UK time. so it was definatly time to crall into bed. i may do that again later today there is a web lecture i dont want to miss so i have to wake up for that! its a free talk from the Handweavers guild of Amarica today will be Carl Stuart who is a member of our local weavers guild. “Textiles & Tea with Carl Stewart” . this link gives all the lectures, this one is for registering for Carls if you are curious.
      my bottle of choice this past week was coff serup!! but i may branch out to tastyer bottles this week! Grate advice!!

  4. Fell better soon, Jan! I know sharing is caring, but a cold shouldn’t be a sign of love, haha!

    “A balmy -19ºC” made me laugh, I’m already complaining when it’s -3ºC over here… It’s funny how we all have our thresholds depending on where we live, my in-laws complain if temperature gets under 15ºC 😀 (and yes, that’s positive, not negative…)

    I miss going to a fibre event. Thanks for sharing your day with us and happy Valentine’s 🙂

    1. thanks, i am trying to not be caring so i wont be sharing, (that and waring a mask, but i have been doing that for is it 2 year or almost 3 now?) Glenn made up for the “Sharing” by giveing me a 943g bag of Cadbury chocklet Mini eggs, now that is careing, i gave him chocklet sea shells which he is vary fond of. (they still look like somthing i am alergic to! very disterbing)

      temperature is a strange perseption. in the fall 5c. is vary cold, where is my winter coat? in the spring the exact same 5c is t-shert weather, maybe i should go looking for shorts?
      -3 would be lovely for a winter cold spell but then we would have a lot more of the bugs from the US migrateing north. our cold tends to restrict what we have to deal with the rest of the year.

      i know a lot of people still have reduced access to fiber festivals, and fiber get togethers, so visiting vicariously is the best option i can offer. that and its cheeper than in person not just for the travel expences getting here but also it cuts down on the mony spent on fiber you have to figure out how to get home.

      i wish i could get to the World of Wool…… that would be worth the travel, but how will i get all that fiber home!!! i will have to take you on a trip to see the Wool Growers Co-op its about half an hour west of ottawa its truly worth the drive. Not quite world of wool but its a very cool place.
      Have a fabulous Valentine and keep felting!

  5. I loved reading about that Spin-in: now I wish that I could go to something like that here, it seems so much fun, even if in freezing weather! Well, when the kids will grow up…
    My best wishes for your persisting cold!
    I symphatise with you about the computer eating your work: yesterday something similar happened to me and I lost a precious hour of work, plus some irretrievable, great, naw genial, ideas! Oh, well.

  6. Looks like you had fun despite the cold. The event looked marvelous and fun things to acquire is always good, right? Sorry your computer ate your homework, that is always distressing. I’m glad that Mr. Mer behaved himself. We wouldn’t want Mrs. Mer to get upset with him. Glad you and Ann had fun at the event and I hope you get over your cold very soon.

  7. I can only echo everyone’s comments re the interesting event, the temperature (which made me read your words twice!), the wonderful offerings on your stand complete with the companionship & cake.

    I’d love to have been there, but not to experience the -33C though!

  8. I had to miss the Spin-in this year. I live in the same -40 zone. Looked at the temp, looked at my darling little red car and said ‘no way on earth is that little button going to start!’ Wouldn’t even ask it to try. Stayed home and listened to my house making cracking noises. It did look like a wonderful day. Based on Jan’s pictures and description later, I did order on of Donald Haines lazy kates.

  9. It was a fun day, even if it was frigid outdoors. The best part was getting to see, hug, and chat with so many of my people that I haven’t seen in person in a very long time.

  10. It was so wonderful to see you after what seemed a very long drought…and I was a very lucky person to snap up one of your beautiful broaches. That lil’ sheep just spoke to me.

    Your work is amazing to see in person and it was wonderful to meet Mr & Mrs Mer. The feedback I received was that everyone who came was beyond happy to be at the event once again.

    Hope both you and Glen feel better soon.

  11. What a lovely day out Jan, I am sitting here coveting the beautiful baskets, and the fibre, and the wheels oh darn it, everything. The atmosphere must have been electric, looking at all the happy faces.

    -33 degrees. I can’t even begin to imagine that level of cold! Christmas day 2010 the temperature in Ireland hit -13 degrees – you see I remember it because it was so unique. I can even picture the night when we had to drive home from my sister in law’s it was such a rare occurrence.

    Thank you for brightening up my day with this lovely post.

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