Stitching Some Trees

Stitching Some Trees

I am continuing with my slow(very slow) stitching. I have accidentally done part of the first-quarter challenge. Last time I showed you my tree trunk. Next, I got some of my handspun to make the evergreen part.

I pulled a lighter green first. it was much too light. I switched to t a much darker green that works much better. it is a thicker yarn too, which I think works better.

stitching an evergreen tree light green yarn test. stitching an evergreen, tree dark green yarn test


The practice one worked out well so onto the good ones.


stitched tree trunk stitched evergreen tree

The trunk on this one ended up a bit fat but I don’t mind

brown stitched tree trunk 2 stitched evergreen 2

2 stitched evergreen trees


And the third one

third stitched tree trunk  third stitched tevergreen tree

And this is how it looks now

3 stitched snow flakes and 3 stitched evergreen tree.


I like it so far but I am not sure what to put in the blank corner. I thought maybe a branch so I did a test one. I may try to add some cones or snow. I am not sure what kind of tree it looks like. What do you think? what would you put there?

stitched evergreen branch, half done evergreen branch finished



16 thoughts on “Stitching Some Trees

  1. Coming along nicely Ann! They could be a Spruce trees. If so, use your idea of adding a branch in the blank corner and perhaps add Spruce cones to it? Are you stitching a dusting of snow on the trees as it would then tie them in with the snowflakes.

  2. Coming along well here Ann. I like your trees. At first I thought you might be creating Redwoods but I think Lyn’s right that they are more like Spruces, so I like her suggestion of a “spare” branch with cones – perhaps also cones scattered around too?

  3. I’m also seeing Spruce Ann and I like the suggestion of scattered cones. The only other thing that came to mind when I saw snow flakes and trees was a robin.

    1. Thanks, I think is more spruce than anything else too. Our robins are really thrushes so the fly away for the winter. They are not nearly as cute as yours.

  4. These are looking good Ann. I like the branch and it reminds me of a tamarack/larch tree. I like the idea of adding a bit of white to the trees for snow. The branch would be perfect for the empty corner.

    1. Thanks, I am going to add some snow to the trees. I thought about tamaracks because their cones are so pretty but of course they have dropped all their needles for winter.

  5. I love the winter theme Ann and the trees are looking lovely. Branch and snow ❄️ totally agree 👍

  6. The trees are looking lovely, and the branch is coming along nicely. When I saw the branch I thought about those decorations where you have a bit of holly, a branch of spruce, a branch of something else with red berries, and a pine cone attached to a small branch, all tied together with maybe a red and gold ribbon and sprinkled with snow…

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