Needle Felted “THING” first time running this workshop

Needle Felted “THING” first time running this workshop

The local Ottawa Guild had been optimistic in the latter part of 2022 and started to reschedule workshops, unbeknownst to us the evil covid was friends with 2 influenzas and invited them to drop by too. So we wound up with students and instructors out sick by the end of November into December. This was also the month my new workshop had been booked. I had offered to teach a chickadee or a tiny dragon but had been requested to make a Thing since Elizabeth, the workshop coordinator and I had not been able to decide on a definite thing. This is the description that was listed for the workshop.

Description:  Jan is paralyzed with too many possibilities for an item to use to teach needle felted sculpture, thus we announce a workshop in needle felted THING creation.  Jan will probably decide more or less what the THING will be before the workshop but it will be a surprise for students.  You will create your THING using three dimensional needle felting. By the end of the workshop, students will have the skills needed to go home and make a THING of their own choosing.  Previous felting experience is helpful but not necessary. Good eye hand coordination is very helpful (those needles are sharp).”

As soon as it was scheduled, I started to work on organizing a brand new workshop. I quickly figured out this scope is a bit broad, so making a small basket protecting thing would help. I had admired an amigurumi mix-and-match monster making book.  “Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium: Flip the pages to make over a million mix-and-match monsters” by Kerry Lord.  Using the simple shapes from crochet to inspire the students, should give absolute beginners an achievable target and those who have felted before the opportunity to try four different wire gauge hands or wings and a tail.

The notes covered wire and needle gauges, fibre, fibre preparations (carded vs Combed it can make a difference), then wrapping. I had gone through and followed a couple of my projects and showed how I had made and built the armature, as well as a few wire augmentations I have had to do over the years. Most of that last section is actually in the blog posts! I finished off the notes with a list of books they may want to investigate and three online sources of videos.

If the various flues and covid were not enough of a challenge we had our first big winter store about to hit. I think most of the worst went south of us. I wonder, what the states could have done to offend the weather? After some debate with Elizabeth it was decided that since the forecast was to have the storm ending by Saturday morning, we would see how the roads looked closer to the workshop.  The snow had momentarily stopped and the workshop was declared a go.  I had collected the supplies together and then pulled the bags of fibre to go from the basement. Glenn hauled and loaded it all into the car. He and our new neighbour also cleared out the end of the driveway and we made a brake for the Guild Studio on the other side of Ottawa.

Car is being loaded to go to the workshop with fiber and suplys, snow covered car, tree and drive way. the driveway is getting quite icy. Grey Kia hatchback still dusted with snow, with hatch back open showing it is Full of bags of fiber. snow covered branches above car hang low from the weight of the clinging snow. Inside my Gray kea soul. there are bags of fiber and suply filling the back of the car blocking direct vision out the back and getting quite close to the inside of the roof. 1-3 it’s impressive how much wool you can stuff in a Kia Soul!

The side streets were not the greatest, but the highway was fine and the parking lot had been cleared!!!

the snow covered and slippery walkway in front of Heartwood house (the Building the guild is in) snow covers the ground and is clinging to the trees, the front corner of my car is visible on the left of the pictures. Front Gallery just outside the Guild studio, 7 large bags of wool on one side and boxes and bags of suplys on the other side of the hall way. in the distance my walker also carying boxes. the gallary has tropical plants along the windoe and artwork (prints) on the walls. 4-5 Arriving at the Guild and dropping off the stuff

He carried in the bags of wool, the box of armature things and the couple boxes of supplies. Then went and found the missing tables.

4 large plastic folding tables and a smaller white one hold fiber and boxes of suplys for workshop within the OVWSG studio6 Tables found and now I can set up!

He set them up in a C or U pattern so I could sit in a rolling chair in the center and help any student without a lot of standing and bending over.

18 pages of notes, a colourfull foam nealing pad (originaly for gardening), a pice of pool noodle, 3 sizes of small wooden dowls, leather Finger cots, wooden single needle holder all sitting on grey folding table 7  18 pages of Notes, Foam kneeling pad, A piece of pool noodle, 2 sizes of dowels, finger cots, wooden single needle holder. Still to add will be the needles.

I had also had a few needles for them to see what difference a gauge will make. T32,T36,T38,Crown40,Revese40 and 42. all needles are in zip lock bags and in little pieces of pool noodle foam. 8 I also had a few needles for them to see what difference a gauge will make.

a book on comparitive anatomy and one on Anagarumi monsters both listed in the text below picture9 the books just past the needles

You may have spotted I brought a few possibly useful Books; Comparative Anatomy (Animals Vs. Human)  Cyclopedia Anatomicae: More than 1,500 Illustrations of the Human and Animal Figure for the Artist by Gyorgy Feher. I also had a book on Anagarumi to give the students some ideas.  Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium: Flip the pages to make over a million mix-and-match monsters by Kerry Lord. (Kerry Lord also has a book on crocheting sheep! Toft Sheep – 18 Crochet Sheep Patterns (uses UK terms))

a couple of my sculptural felting books. both books are listed in the text below the picture.10 a couple of my sculptural books.

Armature/Sculpture books I brought to show the students; A Masterclass in Needle Felting Dogs by Cindy-Lou Thompson, Needle Felted Kittens: How to Create Cute and Lifelike Cats from Wool by Hinali.

There are now quite a few good books on sculptural felting with or without an armature. I had a list of 14 that they may want to keep an eye out for.

plastic haloween skeliton of a dragon standing on pacagease of smartie candys (candiy coated chocholet)11   I also brought sustenance and plastic inspiration

The Ottawa guild has always wanted to have small class sizes to insure good student-teacher ratios. Most workshops have a maximum of six students. With the first snow dump of the year and 2 types of flu plus covid, I was a bit worried that it may not run. In the end, we had one student driving over an hour to Ottawa and made it safely but one was sick and another with a sick child. So we ran with four students.  Three went for Anagarumi-based Things and one went with a Kraken/Octopus combo. They were a bit bigger than I had envisioned but they all still had their armatures in time to have lunch.

4 images of hands working on bending wire to make there armatures12  Armatures are underway

We had two Things with four arms and a tail, one with two arms a tail and wings, and the octopus creature used pipe cleaners (ok now there called Chanel stems since there are not a lot of pipes to clean anymore) to see how that would help with wrapping later.

After a lunch break, they started to wrap the fibre around their armatures.

wool aplication starts, 3 of the scupltures has the first bit of wool added. 13 wool wrapping begins

I brought a couple of types of fibre preparations. This would let them see the difference between carded (which makes a woollen yarn)  and combed (which makes a Worsted yarn). I am going to talk about this more in a future post.

This thing was being helpful by holding fiber for its creator, even when that was not as helpful as it sounds.14 This thing was being helpful by holding fibre for its creator, even when that was not as helpful as it sounds.

this thing is developing fabulous wings.15 this thing is developing fabulous wings.

Unlike my last octopus this one has 8 arms! The pipe cleaners were found easy to wrap over.16 Unlike my last octopus this one has 8 arms! The pipe cleaners were found easy to wrap over.

A little way into wrapping, the students all realized it takes a bit of time to wrap, so instead of rushing and risking lots of punctured fingers, they decided they would like to add a second half to the workshop and focus on surface work. I did spend part of the time they were wrapping to show them a couple of options for adding fluffy furry surfaces.

two of this things arms were added to increase its head.17 two of these things arms were added to increase its head.

This one still has all four of his arms and is now standing on his own.18 This one still has all four of his arms and is now standing on his own.

By 4 pm we had good shapes developed and no major bloodletting due to rushing.

the octopus is starting to emerge. 2 legs are wrapped in white Top (Combed) and the rest are wrapped in Roving (Carded) wool.19 the octopus is starting to emerge

the thing with 4 arms has now received a head20  the thing with 4 arms has now received a head

the winged thing has temporary eyes and looks like he is looking forward to getting wings.21 the winged thing has temporary eyes and looks like he is looking forward to getting wings.

The class while not quite finished seems to have had fun to this point.  We will get a bit of time scheduled for part two to finish the outer layers in the new year. It’s always hard to estimate on time for a new workshop and the pace the students will progress at. Not pushing for speed, I think is the way to go for this one. Needle felting yourself is not conducive to creating more needle felters!

I hope you will get to take some time over the holidays to do a bit of needle felting. If you are at a loss for what to make you may want to peruse the Anagarumi Monsters for a bit of mix and match inspiration! Happy Hanukkah, Mary Christmas, Happy Solstice and Happy Holidays from the Mer Family, the Scott-Martin Family and the rest of my felted menagerie.

PS is it just my dyslexic brain or is this date really cool 12-22-2022 (if only we had 20 or 22 months it would be perfect! OK, the last few years have felt like years containing more than 12 months) but I hope you can enjoy such a fabulously numbered day! See you Next Year!!

19 thoughts on “Needle Felted “THING” first time running this workshop

  1. I love the ‘Things’ Jan. Looks like a really fun workshop. If I was a continent nearer I’d be signing up for the next run. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

    1. Thanks Lindsay! they did seem to be having fun, which is why we felt! if you find your self on this side of the world please drop by and say hi! i will definatly post how the Things turn out!!

  2. Wow, I so wish there was this kind of class near me, I would be in my element enjoying this

    1. i have exactly the same feelings about some other workshops! all this stay at home the last few years has incresed our nowlage of working on line, but it is a lot more fun in person. i hope we can figure out travel or tecnology or both.

  3. It is a bit snowy, but I’m sure that “over there” you’re all used to getting around in it. Here we’re paralysed by that much snow. (But then, as it doesn’t occur very oftern, what’s the point on spending money on something that might not happen?)
    Who’s that lying down on the job in picture 16? It looks like a young Mr Mer, but I know he’s much more grown up than that now – Master Mer perhaps?
    This workshop looks really really great, any chance of your putting a version up for us to do on the Studeo?
    I hope you all, and all our members, have a great Christmas and New Year (we’re just getting over Covid so it will be very quiet for us – though we’re not hibernating -we’re stir crazy after a mini lock down.)

    1. OH NO not Covid!! Get well soon!!!!
      this is just the start of snow for us, and its a bit of a late start too. (as long as there is snow for Xmass.but i am happy if we could start gardening rite after that but No winter will go on for munths more!) ok i will admit its very photogenic but it can stop any time after Dec. 26.
      Oh you Spoted SharkBoy! he was photobombing. he still needs hair too but i am looking for prushin blue locks. Miss Manta and Sharkette were there too but stayed out of camera shots. (they may not have wanted to distract from the Things.)
      let me run the workshop a few times and figure out how to brake it into sections that might work on line. that would solve some of the travel problems (Ottawa is a nice desitination, lots of museums, a vintage Airplain collection just across the river, a number of weaving/spinning/felting guilds in eastern ontario, if you time it rite skating on the cannal? and we are about half an hour away from the Wool growers Co-Op who collect wool from all of eastern Canada!!!)
      if you are stuck in for the holiday, maybe a Thing is the rite project to work on. maybe its a christmas thing to protect your tree? it mite need wings or horns or spikes? maybe in a tree camo colours? but with a red bow with a bell so hes not too scarry!! Get well soon and think of stuck in as extra felting time!! put on a good audio book and have fun!

  4. Great idea to have the tables in a ‘U’ for ease of access for you! Like Ann, we wondered if it was Master Mer was in progress?
    It’s fascinating to see the ‘things’ coming to life – I hope we can see how they turned out?

    1. Thanks! yes i discovered that standing and bending was not working out and leaving me stuck in bed the next day or two so stay seated seemed the best option.this way i can see the students, they can see me and also see that i am showing one of the other students.
      Master Mer may be a better name than SharkBoy! i will have to consult with him when i finaly find his hair.
      i was very impressed by the creativitly of the things being created. i am excited to see how they will want to finish them.

  5. I love the idea of a needle felted “Thing”. They are all marvelous. How often we get tired of just doing a bunny or an owl. You (and Glen) are saints for loading up and providing all those supplies.

    1. Thanks Donna! i think i need a slightly bigger car!! we realy did have the seats floped down in the back and it was full to the top! (I have side mears it was safe!!) (there was also the walker standing up on the far side in the back.)
      Thing gives more scope and less stress. Bunnys should look like bunnys and may not be as bunnyish as you would like on your first try. having something just to practice on that will be fun but with out the presser of “my bunny dosnt look as bunny like as her bunny” i think make the steep part of the lerning curve a bit easyer. It was Elizabeths falt to make an unnamed thing, but it was a great idea and i am running with it.

    1. THanks! yes after lunch they started wrapping and then requested an extention to the class. its too stressfull to rush and the need for bandaids incresses!! we will book it in 2 parts next runing. Felting should be fun not a panick stricken atempt to finish on time. a hair in 6 hours sounds impressive!! Well done!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful class Jan and breaking it into two sessions is a good idea. I am looking forward to seeing how the “things” turn out. This is an excellent idea for increasing everyone’s creativity without comparisons to how someone else’s “creature” is turning out. I agree that you should definitely come up with some online classes. I think they would go over very well.

    Happy Holidays and see you next year!

  7. I wish I could come to your Thing workshops: they look so much fun!! I can’t wait for part 2 of your post, so that we can see the progress of the surface work and the finished Things.

  8. What a great focus for a workshop Jan. Things are great. They leave everything to the imagination and provide such scope for creativity. It looks like a super class. I wish I could take it!

  9. Looks like a super FUN class! I think I could delve into making Things very easily! Such creative imagination!

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