How to Make a Tiny Jellyfish

How to Make a Tiny Jellyfish

After seeing Mr. Mers pet jellyfish I decided he needed another one, a felted one in his creator’s favourite colours. I am sure you saw him playing with his new pet in Jan’s post. mr-mer-gets-a-new-little-friend-part-1/

First, you need to make a small needle felted disk.

Then peel it off. You can see how thick it is. It is fairly thick for the size but it could be thinner but doesn’t need to be.

Now what you want to do is turn the disk into a bowl shape. You do this by holding your needle almost flat against the felt and poking around and around the rim of the disk.

Soon it will start to form a shallow bowl.

Keep at it

And you will end up with a nice bowl. The perfect shape for a Jellyfish bell.


I forgot to take a picture of myself needling 6 small Blue Faced Leicester locks into the bowl so they would hang down the outside edge of the bowl. 4 would have worked but more than 6 I think would have been too much. After I poked them in I trimmed the outside of the bowl to get rid of the fuzzy bits they created.  It seemed a bit plain so I added the 2 blue lines around the outside to create a Blue Ringed Jellyfish.


I added a String through the top to act as a leash. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt the Jellyfish.




14 thoughts on “How to Make a Tiny Jellyfish

  1. He’s (making an assumption here as to the gender Ann so forgive me if I got it wrong) a little cutie. Lucky Mr. Mer to be being gifted such pets for his amusement. They will keep him out of mischief (and possibly stop him from rooting around in Jan’s stash).

    Video is working now. 🙂

  2. No wonder Mr Mer was so fascinated with his new friend. Are you telling us Ann that you didn’t stab yourself while you were doing that? If it had been me, I’d have ended up with a red/brown jellyfish!

    1. I am glad you like him. I did not make my self bleed at all. There were a few minor pokes but you go slow and not very deep so its not to bad. Definitely not a job for when there’s something interesting on the TV. Maybe you should just start with a red/brown wool?

  3. As Helene said – a real cutie. I hope it & Mr Mer, will soon have a school of beautiful bright coloured Jelly fish.

    I must admit I too immediately thought of valued fingers about to resemble a colander but as you are an expert, & very adept, you avoided creating that extra artefact 🤪

    Looking forward to seeing more ‘friends’.

    1. Thanks Antje. this one is easy not to poke yourself. you go slow and not very deep so no blood shed. When I did little sculptures I used to draw blood all the time.

  4. How very nice of you. I love the technique, as I have never thought of doing a small cupped shape piece. But, now that I think about it, of course it would cup up! 💡 I have a bunch of leather scraps and patterns to make customized leather thimbles. I should get on it. Seeing you around that edge made me cringe a bit. Those needles hurt so bad when they stab me, and I manage to do it every time at least once. Thanks Ann.

    1. Do make the thimbles and give it a try. this is a slow stabbing project so not nearly as much stabbing of yourself. It’s a handy way to make small hollow things. When I used to do more 3D things, I used carvers tape to make little thimbles that were padded on one side.

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