Small Autumn Meadow Piece

Small Autumn Meadow Piece

I have been thinking about creating a meadow themed landscape for a while so I decided to do a smaller piece (about 8″ x 10″) to try out some different ideas.

I found a nice background from my stash, that is nuno felted and has an upper plain felt portion. The only problem was it wasn’t 8″ wide. I want to be able to frame this piece with a standard frame so that it doesn’t have to have a custom frame. Looking through my boxes of felt pieces, I found the upper darker blue piece that would add enough to the total to get to 8″ in height. I think it is a screen printed piece but I really can’t remember. Some of the stuff in my stash is really old and needs to be used up.

Now to connect them together. The simplest plan was to needle felt them together. I made the light blue felt uneven by cutting it as I didn’t want to see a straight line working it’s way through. Then I needle felted the two together and this is the result.

Next, I looked through my many boxes of yarn bits. These are the ones that I decided to try. I want the scene to look like autumn grasses and seed heads. Some of the choices didn’t get used but now I needed to sample them and see how I wanted the stitching to look.

Luckily, I have more of the nuno background to use as a sample. This piece is about 3″ x 6″ as I only wanted to try out the different colors and practice a little free motion machine embroidery before I started on the main piece. I did put a thin interfacing on the back to stabilize the felt. I like most of these ideas for grasses and seed heads except for the one that looks almost white. I think I will skip using that one. The purple one on the far end is a small piece of purple felt that I stitched down with a lighter thread color. I’m only going to have a few flowers that are still blooming in this piece. The tentative name at this point is “Late Bloomers”. Hopefully, I will finish this before my next post.

10 thoughts on “Small Autumn Meadow Piece

  1. I agree about the white if you use it as is….could you try tweaking/twisting/stretching it to creat thick & thin parts that you then stitch.

    Looking forward to seeing how you use these yarn grasses & seed heads on your background piece.

    1. Thanks Antje, I was thinking about cutting the white into short pieces and fluffing them up to make it look like the white fluffy seeds (such as dandelions) on some of the stalks. Not sure yet though. I’m kind of winging it at the moment.

  2. I can’t wait to get myself set up and ready for your next free motion class in 2023. I am going to be picking up, my mothers sewing machine and the beautiful cabinet it sits in. It looks like an armoire, and the sewing machine and table folds up inside. 😄 I have an inexpensive Singer machine, with no bells and whistles. My mother’s Pfaff machines were always her favorites.

    I heard that you don’t need a fancy machine for free motion stitching? Maybe my plain ole Singer can be a dedicated free motion machine? Curious to hear your thoughts.


    1. Capi, free motion can be done easily on any machine where you can lower the feed dogs. It is possible to free motion without lowering the feed dogs but I think it’s easier, especially for beginners to lower them. So take a look at your machine and see if that’s possible. I use a Pfaff and it has loads of bells and whistles but I don’t usually use them. So your Singer machine might work just fine.

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