Mr. Mer gets a new little friend Part 1

Mr. Mer gets a new little friend Part 1

It has been another busy week full of multiple projects for the Ottawa Guild along with a sort and prep for photos project for Glenn. So Mr. Mer has been very patent and supervised me while he sits contemplating his options in his project bag (I did get him a bigger project bag).

On Monday evening the Ottawa Guild is usually back to an in-person social. There is still a zoom social for those who can’t travel. Unfortunately, last Monday coincided with a department heads/exec meeting so not as social as usual but it was good to see a lot of faces I had only seen over zoom the last 2 years!

Ann was there and had brought a present for Mr. Mer (I will defiantly need to get more hair if he gets a swollen head from all the attention!) Her Jellyfish is sooooo Cute!!!!! It is such a pretty blue and so delicate. I wonder how she made it?

1 – You saw his new Jellyfish from Twist.


2- This is his new Jellyfish from Ann

I set up my desk for a photo shoot and hung up the little guy.  Mr. Mer seemed happy to get out of his project bag and was immediately interested in the little blue jellyfish. It’s so delicate!

3-6 Hunting and catching Jellyfish

I have discovered the correct way of hunting jellyfish! You pick them up very carefully by their head strings!! (Not the lower strings, which might kill you. This is a special Mer skill and should only be tried on fibre-based jellyfish that have obvious head strings. Not the squishy ones found in water or stranded on beaches.)

7- 8-  He seemed mesmerized admiring both jellyfish.

While he was distracted, I went through his shopping bag to see what lengths and colours he had collected. Most of what he had collected was too short but in very nice colours. I am sure we can use them for other projects

9- 10- Sorting through the longer locks while Mr. Mer is distracted

The locks that look like they will be best are mostly the ones from Bernadette, who had purchased them from Adele’s locks of love.

11 looking at the best locks

I think I will have enough for him to have respectable hair.  He was still quite captivated by his jellyfish, having them chase each other. so I snuck his hair option into a bag and put the rest back into a bag of locks for other projects.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

12-14 Jellyfish racing!!!

Now I am distracted too! A Majacraft Suzie Pro spinning wheel has come up for sale, with a lot of accessories…. I am sure there must be room for one more wheel? it’s small! As I contemplate and consider a test drive/spin, Mr. Mer has tried to swim off with his little friends. Sneaky!!

15- ran off with his jellyfish

He wasn’t fast enough! I cot him and brought him back to the desk. I got his little friends to distract him as I got out a T-36-333 (I do have more aggressive needles but this should be perfect.)

16- ah good, he is not paying any attention to me!

Jellyfish seem to work as well as antithetic!!! We are set and He will shortly have hair! But that will be for next week in part 2!

Thanks, Ann!!! (your jellyfish is so cute and tiny I will have to inquire how you made him so tiny and so cute!! I hope there are pictures!!)


13 thoughts on “Mr. Mer gets a new little friend Part 1

    1. thankyou! he sure has personality.
      he has been so much fun to work on. He is almost done, i think, but i still have half of his family to finish. they have been keeping me busy through the pandemic. i have been happily puttering along on them. it has been intersting working on a large multy part project. as i get stuck on a design element on one i switch to working on another i have figured out a part of and have a think about the others. Shark boy just needs hair (i will look at fiberfest in Almonte) so next it will be switching back to the ladys of the family! i am hopefully they will be as entertaining (and not anoyed for having to wate in there project bags!!!)

      i hope you will enjoy the ongoing Mer-adventure. have fun and keep felting!!

  1. Isn’t he having fun? What a lucky chap. I see he also managed to find himself a belt while he was at Twist – very fetching!
    Looking forward to next week’s bulletin.

    1. Yes i think he is having a wonderfull time. the rist band from twist i think may be a temperary augmentation. i hope i will be able to perswade him to try a nicer belt or harness to hold his Quadra-dent. he also has that snazzy tenis racket and ball to play with if he is not fishing. ooh i get to investigate mer ware!!

    1. that is so kind Leonor!, let me check at Almonte fiberfest, its 2 weeks away, i still have hope left.
      i also love the new jellyfish i am hopefull Ann will explain how she made the little guy it is so tiny and cute.

  2. Mr. Mer is definitely enjoying his jellyfish social. I can’t wait to see the new hairstyle and have an update on the rest of the family!

  3. Love Mr Mer’s adventures and backstory Jan. Ann’s little jellyfish are beautiful and have really kept him amused. Looking forward to part 2.

  4. Brilliant post Jan, I don’t know what I like the most….your needle felting or the images and stories you come up with! I would love to see you make an illustrated kiddies book or video using your felted characters.

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