Ocean sunset continued

Ocean sunset continued

More work on the ocean sunset. I got a few orange locks from Bernadette. I believe they are mohair, but she can correct me in the comments if I am wrong. They were nice and shiny so they went with the silk well

The next thing to do was to wet felt it. I popped it into a large freezer bag and added a little water. I have never done this method before. Well, a little is relative, right? After getting it all wet I drained out the water so it wasn’t swimming. Then I pressed it and it was still floating so I squished more water out and drained it.

The silk kept moving, no matter how gentle I was, so it ended up a bit stringy and not all in the right place. I still like it but it needs some fiddling.

I got out a fine felting needle and started lifting and moving the silk and flattening the horizon. Horizons are not wavy except in high seas.

This is how far it is now.

I was thinking of a boat silhouette but I may go with a whale tail this time. maybe a bird floating nearby. I am not sure. It also needs some colours reflected in the water. I may add bits of silk or maybe some of the coloured sparkle powder. I may not wait for them. I am wondering if I should spray the picture with something if I use the powder. Maybe a spritz of hair spray? Has anyone done anything similar?

More waiting now. I did do another small fast project I will tell you about next time to give you a break and build suspense.

15 thoughts on “Ocean sunset continued

  1. This looking great Ann. I really like that sky. Some people may say that you never see a sky looking like that, but you do. We had a similar one over us a year or so ago and I kept some images, intending to use it in a picture (some day!). I’m looking forward to seeing how your picture progresses.

  2. Ann’s comment about the sky is true – last evening I looked at the sky and thought ‘if I painted it exactly like that, people would think I couldn’t paint’ – the sky always surprises.

    You did well to rescue the silk in the sky after the wet felting. The powder sticks to the felt very well but a little does come away – haven’t tried hairspray.
    A pale coloured whale tail would look dramatic against that background.

    1. I once did a “twilight” felt picture which was entered in the Dorset Arts & Crafts Association annual exhibition and got the comment from the judge that the clouds in the sky looked unnaturally heavy. I had actually reproduced the sky from my own photograph and I hadn’t been as heavy handed as it was shown in the photo!

    2. The sky does always surprise. I know what you mean about no one believing it if you painted it. I am leaning towards some tails, maybe whales or Dolphins.
      Ann just goes to show that judges don’t know everything.

  3. I’m not certain if you can connect to a FB page called Meanwhile in Saskatchewan, but if you want solid verification that skies can be screaming crazy colours, go there. Some of the images are not good, but some of them are awe inspiring. Give it a peek and let me know what you think.

  4. I agree that your sky is not over the top and can look like you have made it. I think the way the silk moved made it look more natural. The addition of the orange really helped the scene. I am still voting for a whale tail!

  5. Like Ruth, I vote for a whale tail!

    That sky looks amazing, and I confess I loved how it looked when still inside the bag – I think it was the suds near the “water” that did it for me πŸ™‚
    As for hairspray, I’ve used it before. It did hold things in place but I was told it might yellow with time… food for thought!

  6. We regularly have skies like yours here Ann. My memory came into play when I saw yours. It’s beautiful and the orange is perfect.

    I hope you choose the whale – it would be my choice too!

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