5 by 7 Needle Felted Ocean Picture

5 by 7 Needle Felted Ocean Picture

I seem to have been obsessed with water pictures for a while now. And today is no exception. I’ve been doing a lot of tiny images, so I moved up to 5×7 inches for this one. I have to pat myself on the back for actually measuring my piece of felt instead of randomly cutting a piece and then not having a frame that will easily work. Yay Me.

The felt I am using is from The Olive Sparrow. Monica has great service and great products. I think I might be able to felt this a bit more if I tried but not much. It is pretty solid and has the right density. It will hold its shape but isn’t hard to needle into.

I started with a nice blue sky. This is merino from World of Wool.

Then I added some wool from a wonderful art batt I got at the little fibre sale Jan and I went to, in April I think. I thought Jan did a post about it but I can’t find it. Anyway, I bought it because it made me think of the ocean. I love the name of their business.

I just used a small corner of this batt. I think I will make another using the sparkly stuff near the top.


I have it about half needled down, it’s fairly well stuck but I can still reposition it.

thin I just tucked the loose edges around the back to get a better look at it. I am not sure I shouldn’t straighten up the thicker white line. but I kinda like it not straight too. the ocean isn’t always in straight lines. I am not sure.


That’s as far as I have managed to get. It needs some clouds or birds or something to break up the sky, to make it more visually interesting. I think maybe a small sail in the water in that lighter blue on the left maybe. Not sure how big, a boat or a sailboarder? Maybe I should make a few sizes and try them out.

22 thoughts on “5 by 7 Needle Felted Ocean Picture

  1. I really like this Ann, especially that beautiful batt from Raised by Wools. The sparkle in it is just right to mimic the effect of sun on a slightly choppy sea. I think the thicker line is just right as it is. A few clouds would add a sort of narrative to the picture, telling us what sort of day it is – sunny obviously because of the sparkle – but whether it is windy and which way the wind is blowing and that would tell you how a yacht might be behaving.
    I have found that silk is great for simulating clouds of all sorts, though I do tend to use it more when I’m wet felting a background. A wisp of tops when felted turns into “mare’s tail” clouds when the wool underneath grabs it as it is shrinking. Softer, shorter silk fibres, especially with slubs in it, is great for fluffier clouds and works with needle as well as wet felt.
    You’ve got my juices going – I feel a need to make up some more batts. Trouble is, it’s too hot over here at the moment to do more than lie around reading!
    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    1. Thanks, I really was taken with the batt. I will have to research some clouds. Maybe just a few wisps.
      It’s really hot here too. I am inside with the air conditioner pretending it nice out.

  2. Thats the perfect batt for a seascape and I agree about the white line, I would definitely leave that on the slant.
    Have fun with the next stage!

  3. It’s looking good Ann and I agree with the rest of the comments, keep the white line on an angle. It gives more interest that way. You could add a distant headlands on one side and I like Ann’s idea of wispy clouds in the sky.

  4. Love the colours Ann and the white is genius – really brings the sea to life with the slant and waviness and the teeny-tiny ‘blobs’ are a bonus!

    1. Hi Debbie, I am using a foam kneeling pad form the dollar store. Its about an inch thick. the last really well and are night weight and a good shape to toss in a bag.

  5. Love it Ann! That art bat is perfect for a water scene. Looks like you could make quite a few of them, and sell them. I think there’s something peaceful about any seaside scape. It allows us to imagine tranquility.


    1. Thanks Capi, I am hoping they will sell when I get back to shows. My guild has a coop booth at the sale in November that I think I will take advantage of this year. so far I am really enjoying them.

    2. I ordered something similar to these from Amazon: 25 White Pre-Cut Picture Matte 8×10 inches for 5×7 Picture Comes w/Matts w/White Core and plastic bags. (Price $35, so $1.40 each) You can offer “frame ready” felted art pieces.

  6. What a great use of an art batt! That texture does mimic the sea really well, all down to the reflections in the water. Also, what a great name for a business 😀

  7. The rolags look delicious! For your felted landscapes and the map you have created how are you getting your lines so crisp and clear. My pictures tend to be fuzzy edged and I find it difficult to create the crisp outline at the edges of my images. I’d love to hear your advice.

    1. Thank you. I try to start with a strait line of fibre. To fix the wobbles use your need on a slight angle poking in the direction you need the wool to move. That way you can expand or shrink bumps and hollows.

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