Started but not Finished

Started but not Finished

At the moment I seem to be really squeezed for time. I have managed to start 3 small things

First I wanted to do another vase cover. I used a bat that was made on a blending board. I pealed a thin layer and then filled in the holes. I like the autumn colours.


That is as far as that got.

Next, I wanted a little bigger landscape I could needle felt and stitch on, so cut a 5×7 inch piece of the soft thick prefelt to use.



I wrapped the wool around the piece so there won’t be grey edges.

And that’s as far as that one got. I have it rolled up with the vase cover so they can be rolled at the same time.

Then, oh my I still have a few min. I had some well-fulled wool fabric a friend gave to me. I think it used to be a coat. I cut out a small piece and brushed up one side with my wire dog brush to see if it will stick together well with wet felting.  Then added some fibre

The difference is hard to see. the left is the unbrushed side and the right is the brushed side.

I had intended to just add 2 colours and felt it to use for trying out stitching on the new water-soluble stabilizer I ordered. But before I realized it I had made another landscape. Oh well, that’s ok, I will have to try again to make some practice pieces.

That is as far as I got with that one. I will probably wet it and add it to the other roll and then do them all at once. Maybe next week I will have them felted. With this time of year being very busy for me, it makes it hard to get some felting in. I try to get some in every week so I can share with all our friends and followers.

7 thoughts on “Started but not Finished

  1. The colours in your first project are scrummy – I wonder how they will look after felting?
    I like the mix of colours at the bottom of projects 2 + 3.

    Rolling more than one project at the same time is such a good idea as it saves time and effort.

    1. Thanks, I hope the vase cover will turn out its such an nice batt of wool and bits. the bottoms are whats left of another batt. I pulled the green bits out and put them on top to help with the hilliness of the ground. I do like to roll more than one at a time. if I am going to put in the work, I want lots to show for it.

  2. Isn’t it always the way? 18 months almost of sitting around without a mojo and then the projects come thick and fast. It’s a bit like busses – and policemen – never around when you want one and then they all come at once!
    I like the look of all three of these projects and looking forward to see the results.

  3. Good for you for getting some projects started. It will be easy to roll them all at once when you get a little time. I look forward to seeing how they turn out. I understand the time crunch, I don’t seem to have much extra time lately either.

    1. The rolling is this weeks plan. I think time is a problem for most people. Perhaps if I were more organized but that isn’t going to happen so i just have to keep going as i am.

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