My Second Poker Challenge: Felting.

My Second Poker Challenge: Felting.

Last time I showed you my spinning poker challenge. This time it’s the felting poker challenge

In case you didn’t see it the idea is you pick a card from felting four different category card decks. With felting wool is a given.

My picks are:

Fibre: use thread or fine yarn

Colour: use cool colours

Structure/Technique: needle felting

Other: No Larger Than An Index Card ( 3inches by 5inches, 7.5cm by 12.5 cm)

This one took me a while to figure out. I kept thinking of a cold picture even though I do know cool colours doesn’t mean a cold picture. I don’t usually do needle-felt pictures I usually wet felt and then do a little needling and stitching. I am glad it’s only a small piece.

To start I cut the right size piece of prefelt for the base. I got this to try out From Monica of The Olive Sparrow. I have to say so far it is very nice to use. It’s quite thick and nice to needle into, not too hard and not too soft. Just like baby bears bed.



Next, I picked my colours for a nice scene. Most of it is merino except the two-tone green. It is corriedale.


Laying it out. and tacking it all down. I wanted sky and water and a clifftop.


The sky and sea are blending together. I went online and had a look at some sea and sky pictures. There seems to be a definite dark line where they meet but when I added it to the picture, it looked odd. I decided to pop an island in.

That looks better but it looks lonely so I added another one and greyed them out a bit to make them look a little farther away.

That is where it stands now. You will notice there are no threads or fine yarns. That will be next. I will probably add some grasses and flowers to the foreground with stitching and maybe a tiny lighthouse on the rock. I am not sure yet what I want to do.

14 thoughts on “My Second Poker Challenge: Felting.

  1. I like it, Ann! The needle felting keeps the fibres fluffier than wet felting and I like the extra texture 🙂 Waiting to see how it progresses.

    1. Thanks Leonor. Yes and the Corriedale is fluffier than the merino giving a bit of depth. I may build that up a bit neat the bottom. Keeping the stitches on top may be tricky.

  2. It’s looking so good. I like the variegated green for the foreground and I think adding two islands is a good idea – much better than just a dark horizon line!

  3. That’s a good start! I don’t usually needle felt my pictures either. It does have a different feel. I look forward to seeing the added stitching.

  4. A great start Ann. Love the 2 islands which imply distance & yet nearness.
    Looking forward to seeing how you continue your exploration.

  5. Lovely Little Landscape! you have some new thread that mite do grasses in the foreground. will you add wildlife? the islands seem a bit far away to see sheep on.(you could just say they are there?)

  6. Love it so far Ann. It feels like a mist has descended. Looking forward to its development.

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