Getting Organized and 2nd Quarter Challenge Part 2

Getting Organized and 2nd Quarter Challenge Part 2

I have been beaten to the first completed prize. That’s just bragging rights. 🙂 No worries. Just getting it done on time is a major win. If you would like to see the first completed piece and read the lovely storey to go with it pop over here.

As I added layers the layout grew beyond the template outline so I trimmed it. After leaving it overnight it had mostly dried. It made it easy to cut and separate the layers for later.

I originally thought I would do diamonds but after sever attempts I couldn’t get them all the same and it looked odd so I went with rectangles.

I wanted to do some waves on the back. when I looked at the art deco waves they were not even lines but they got thicker and thinner.

It looks a bit messy but I think it will be alright after felting.

It turned out pretty well, not too much shifting. after drying I decided it wasn’t wide enough. I wet it down and pulled it top to bottom and then ironed it for good measure. Now it’s not quite as long to will fit things that are a little taller.

When it’s folded up the back will look like this:

The front closed will look like this:

The inside looks like this:

I have decided to do some stitching on it before sewing it up and dividing it into sections. I am not sure what yet. I think I may outline the waves in a dark yarn to smooth them out and a diamond pattern on the blank flap and some lines or something in the squares. I will be looking up some colour palates of art deco.


11 thoughts on “Getting Organized and 2nd Quarter Challenge Part 2

    1. Thanks Ruth, I have discovered I do not have black embroidery thread. Not sure how that happened, so outlining will have to wait. You never know I may change my mind.

  1. It’s a great design Ann! Very art deco. Not only good looking but practical too. I like your ideas for taking it further and I hope you let us see more soon.

  2. A definite Art Deco flavour well done Ann for being in the front runners for this challenge.
    Looking forward to seeing it completed with your embroidery.

  3. This looks lovely and so useful – always a great combination. I too like the waves as they are. Look forward to seeing it finished and put to work in your splendid basket.

  4. I do love this. Been thinking about making a chess/draughts board for months – I think you have pushed me into it! It will be a good test of getting the shrinkage right in both directions to keep the squares actually square!

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