Rainbow Baby Mobile

Rainbow Baby Mobile

We have a new grand baby in the family, so we thought it would be nice to make a gift for her.  So Alex and I had a think, and came up with the plan to make a baby’s mobile.  Now we don’t know about you, but we absolutely love rainbows.  Their colourful display are enough to brighten anyone’s day.  As the baby’s Dad is from Wales but they live in Yorkshire, we also thought it might be nice to also incorporate some Welsh driftwood into the project to represent the baby’s Welsh roots.

When thinking of the design, we also thought we would add some clouds, to give context to our rainbow, but being quite novice felters, we opted to do needle felted clouds, so they would appear light and fluffy.  We started by making a template to represent the base of the clouds, as when we look up into the sky, clouds often appear to have a flat base, with plumes of fluffy clouds above.



We wanted a rough design to follow, so that we ended up with a cloud the size we wanted.  We needle felted some cloud shapes out of an off-white wool.  Unfortunately, it didn’t have a label for us to identify the type of wool!!  Once we had a layer of cloud, we could then start to build upwards…

Cloud base

We continued to make small clouds, which we then added to our base…

Building up the cloud

Alex had a go at needle felting once it was assembled.  There was less risk of him stabbing his fingers by this stage!!

Alex having a go

We decided that it would be lovely to have some lights inside our cloud.  We bought some battery operated LED lights, which were small enough to fit inside.  We bought off white, warm white and multicoloured, but in the end decided on the multicoloured lights to reflect the rainbow colour scheme!

Battery operated LED string lights

We pushed some of the lights down into the base layer of cloud, and hid the rest in amongst the top layers of cloud.

We have lights!!!

But we needed to have access to them in order to operate the light switch and be able to change the batteries.  So we left an access hole in the top of the clouds…

Access point

The next step was to make the felted balls.  We used 3 grammes of wool per ball and tried a few different methods.  Firstly Alex had a go at hand felting them, but as he doesn’t know his own strength, it was difficult to keep them circular!

Hand felting the rainbow balls

So we then tried using a salad spinner to gently tumble them…

Alex enjoyed this bit!!!

But although this worked quite well, they still looked like they needed some more felting so we tried bubble wrap to cushion the pressure of hand felting…

This worked well!

Success!! We ended up with some really well felted balls that were fairly round and even…


Having finished both the clouds and the rainbow, it was time to start assembling our mobile…BUT….disaster struck!!!  When we went to pick up our rainbow of balls, we were missing a green one.  Now where could it have gone to?? Two minutes before, it was right beside us and now it had vanished.  We started to look everywhere and after about 20 minutes of moving furniture and searching three rooms, we found it…..

Our beautiful little green ball was now a jumbled mass of scarecrow-looking mess!!!

How could one little ball end up so big and fluffy?  I even weighed it to check it was the same ball but yes, it weighed 3 grammes, the same weight as the original.  There was only one explanation…..

Here is the culprit!!!!!  Elliot!!!

Not content with the numerous homemade felted mice he has been given, Elliot was determined to get his claws into the rainbow.  We should have known, as he spotted them in the making!!!  So – we then had to make another one to replace it, which set us back a few hours while we waited for it to dry!  But in the end, we were able to assemble our felted rainbow mobile and Alex is very happy!!!

The finished mobile

And the lights look amazing!!!

Our rainbow cloud

We would like to try this project again, but using wet felting for the cloud.  It will be good to compare the two.  It was a fiddly project to make, including trying to balance everything to ensure that it hung straight!! But all in all, we are very pleased with how it finally turned out.  But I think next time, we will be hiding the raindrops from Elliot!!!


26 thoughts on “Rainbow Baby Mobile

  1. The mobile is absolutely gorgeous. Well done both of you and what a lucky baby! I can’t believe how comprehensively the cat managed to disassemble the green ball. Impressive skills and he’s very handsome so I hope he’s been forgiven.

    1. I know!! He’s a Ninja!! But who couldn’t forgive that beautiful face?!! I just couldn’t get over how cunning he was, true stealth mode skills!

  2. The design is wonderful as is the cloud with lights – so pretty! The felted balls turned out great in the end and the mobile will be much appreciated. Alex is rightly pleased with his efforts 🙂

  3. So sweet I am sure it will hang in babies room for years to come. I make dryer balls and I have to watch my cats so they don’t run of with them. Cats just love wool.

  4. What a wonderful gift that you and Alex created. I’m sure it will be treasured. I love how you have added the rainbow effect to the clouds with lighting. It really adds to the piece. Great job!

    Sorry the cat got to the green ball but at least he didn’t steal all of them!

    1. Thanks Ruth, yes indeed! I just couldn’t believe the state on it when he’d finished. The felted mice have really stood up to the battering he’s given them but he mangled the ball completely, even though it was wet felted like the mice. I’m thinking it’s because it was a finer wool perhaps (being merino) whereas the mice were made from wool batting. That’s the only explanation I can come up with!

  5. Such a cute mobile! Love that cloud (and the idea of a template for it is genius).

    Elliot, you sure love your wool! 😀 What a cheeky kitty.

  6. That is absolutely brilliant I’m sure the new baby will have many hours enjoying the lights particularly! Alex you two have done a fantastic job!

  7. Amazing work Alex with a beautiful rainbow result. Your patience getting the balls just right paid off. Then to have one pinched….naughty kitty.

    The mobile with it’s Welsh roots will be a wonderful focal point for the new Grandbaby, particularly with its light-up clouds. Fabulous.

    Whereabouts in Yorkshire is grandbaby?

  8. Thank you Antje, he’s very happy with the results, especially the lights!! Hopefully we can deliver the mobile in person very soon, otherwise we’ll have to post it. They live about 20 minutes from Pontefract, quite a trip from Swansea. Can’t wait to see them all, its been way too long!!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    1. Thank you! Yes, I we weren’t very pleased with him, but we can’t blame him for loving felt!!

  9. It’s an absolutely beautiful mobile and I love your choice of lighting – magical. Both you and Alex did the most amazing job – and the felted balls are so even and uniform – not a job I find easy. As for kitty ….. he/she will have to be banished from the felting room whenever there is activity. that said, there’s an incredible amount of wool in 3 grams!

    1. Thanks Helen, it was our first time at making felted balls and we’re pleased with the outcome. It was surprising how far he made that wool go!! That’s why I weighed it, because i couldn’t believe it was the same ball!!!! I have to say though, he’s a very clever cat, who despite our best efforts, still manages to find a way to access the wool!

  10. I just love this cloud and feel the hands that made it are quite special. WOW. This is a great uplifting post . The end product is adorable. The whole creation of the idea to finish is wonderful.!!!! Good job my friend, good job

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. We had so much fun making it and it was lovely to be able to combine the lights with the felt.

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