First Quarter Challenge

First Quarter Challenge

Lyn and Annie have set us a challenge for this quarter to make something inspired by the decade 1900 – 1909. The challenge is here If you would like to see it and maybe you could join in. first-quarter-challenge

They gave us examples of what was going on and what caught my eye was the aerial photography.  It made me think of some wonderful works by the fibre artist Chris Cullen of As theCrow Flies.  She uses mostly recycled knits and yarn in her amazing pieces. she sells mostly through galleries but does commissions through her Facebook page. for sale at in St Ives, and Also from Spring, Baxters Gallery in Dartmouth.

These are 2 of Chris’s recent pieces


I have in the past thought about doing a piece inspired by her amazing work. Lyn and Annie have given me the push I need. I thought I could do something similar in felt for my own farm. First a prototype. This is a flat piece and not of my farm but just a farm. I used an old sweater that I ran through the washer then dismantled and ran through a couple more times. I wanted a nice sturdy base.

I did this picture by needle felting into a square cut out of the sweater.  I have one of the little 6 needle holders that I used for most of it. Then switched to a single needle to put in the details. It is done in a very minimalist way with

The sweater piece.

The background and the road and the start of a field.

Added the fields and the house and barn.

Then some sheep of course.

I folded all the wool

Lastly used some green curls to make the trees.

It was a lot of stabbing, too much stabbing.  I think I will try to do all the main features like roads and the fields by lightly needling them into place and then wet felting them. Just adding the detail and features with needle felting. The next one will be more 3D. I have some ideas for the house and barns. Have you started thinking about his challenge? We would love to hear about it on the felting and Fiber studio Forum. Here’s the link to the place to post pictures. or use the Forum button on the left to get there.

23 thoughts on “First Quarter Challenge

  1. What a great idea Ann! That is just what Neubronner’s pigeon would have photographed if he’d flown over a farm.
    You’ve really captured an aerial photo in fibre – it was a lot of stabbing but worth it to achieve a fabulous picture!

  2. I know it’s a lot of stabbing, but I like the way it looks, Ann! It’s less flat and more 3D. There’s more texture, if that makes sense. Maybe I’m biased 🙂 The little sheep look adorable.

  3. Sounds like way too much stabbing for me as well. Did you have an aerial view of your farm to go by? I had not seen the work of Chris Cullen before, very cool. I started thinking about the first quarter challenge but have not started working on it yet.

    1. I have a real photo somewhere from about 20 years ago but I just went to google earth to get an aerial view. I’ve mad a sketch of what I want in the next one. it helps to see the proportions. It was interesting to see it. The one that is currently available is about 2 years old. I only know because it has one of our barns with only half its roof before we replaced it.

  4. It’s great when we get that push and get on with something we’ve been pondering about. I like your prototype and it will be interesting to see how you develop this. I’ve also got an idea to make a piece of work inspired by a certain person…..I just need to get on with it!

  5. Great idea, Ann and I like your prototype. It will be really interesting to see how the needle / wet felt combo goes. I hope the barn gets a whole roof!

    1. Thanks, Lindsay. I have some ideas but yes it has a whole instead of a hole roof now. It’s a bit like a hoop green house that grew up. The old cover was 20 or more years old so it had done really well.

  6. Great Felted farm Ann!! i will lend you the 10 needle bar tool it will make backgrounds a breeze! are you sure you want your seep across the road? i think they will want to get out and run amok and over there you wont see them doing that. i look forword to seeing your farm with sheep and turkeys and all the barns and outbuildings! (and the Pond if you make it a spring picture!)

    1. Thanks, Jan. I will have to try it. I am not really all the fussy about my multi-tool but I think I want to go too fast. Those are the neighbour’s sheep. Not sure turkeys will show up in an overhead shot.

  7. they were white and if you add a few more thay would like show up! who dosnt want more turkys! unless they infringe on the room for sheep of course

  8. All your stabbing has produced an interestingly textured prototype. Looking forward to seeing how you balance your wet and dry Felting. And seeing your sheep of course 😂

  9. Absolutely love this! What a great idea – I love aerial shots. The sheep are fabulous too, love the overall effect. Feeling quite inspired to have a go at making a picture ourselves. Thank you!

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