Website Changes

Website Changes

Life has gotten in the way of posting this week. I woke up this morning and realized I had forgotten to write my post for the week. If you are reading this on our website, perhaps you will notice that we have made some changes. Our theme that we were using was out of date and there were issues that kept developing here in the background that needed to be fixed. So Ann took on the challenging task of changing the theme.


We have tried to keep everything looking similar to what we have had in the past but we’ve done some editing and pruning in areas that we thought were not getting much use. Have you looked at all the information that is available here? I often notice online that beginners are asking questions about what different fibers look like, what the results of embellishment fibers in felt look like etc. We have tons of photos of different types of fiber. All you have to do is go to the menu at the top and look under Fiber or Other Fibers. There is a drop down menu and sub menus with galleries so you can see samples of a variety of fiber.

We also have free tutorials available under the heading Tutorials on the menu. Again, just look at the top for the menu and there is a drop down list with a variety of topics such as dyeing, fiber preparation, mixed media, needle felting, nuno felting and wet felting.

So I hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore what’s available here on our site. If you find any links that don’t work, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know so we can fix them. Thank you Ann for taking on this huge task and revamping our site!



19 thoughts on “Website Changes

  1. Thanks for letting everyone know about the site changes and the help adding things back to the menu. I am still working in the background fixing things. We always loose some connections in a transition. If you notice any broken links please let us know.

  2. I am always in awe of those of you who manage to understand what they are doing to make sweeping changes – your regular contacts with us all are always well anticipated and appreciated, even if that appreciation isn’t always expressed!

  3. There is one thing I should mention – the email I receive with the various posts now says it’s from “” instead of the usual “feltandfibrestudio”. It certainly makes me look twice, but I dare say I’ll get used to it!
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Love your website and all your posts. I agree with other comments: nice, clean look. However, I am using Google Chrome and all the wonderful menu items you had available at the top of the page are no longer visible. I can barely see the top half of “An International Collective….” I’m not sure how to launch the “Fibers or Other Fibers” page.

    1. Thanks Sue, I am sorry you are having problems with the site. I use Google Chrome and I have not had this happen. Sometimes, the problem can be from old cookies etc. that your computer saved for easy loading. I would try deleting your browser history and see if that helps.

      The new menu actually follows down the page as you scroll up and down.

  5. Super job Ann. It looks very contemporary, professional and clean. I suspect this was quite a mammoth task. Thank you 😊

  6. I love the new look: it’s lighter and more contemporary. Thanks very much for all the work that’s going into it.

  7. I’m another convert to the new look site Ruth, it’s a cleaner, fresher looking theme which I’m sure everyone will appreciate. Thanks to Ann for working hard behind the scenes!

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