2021 First Quarter Challenge

2021 First Quarter Challenge

We’ve chosen 4 decades from the 20th century upon which to base the challenges for 2021, and the first challenge to all felters, spinners, weavers, stitchers, knitters, crocheters and mixed media fibre artists is …

… to make something inspired by the decade 1900 – 1909.

At the beginning of the 20th century the Wright brothers achieved the first powered flight;  Australia became a Commonwealth;  the first silent movie was made; Marconi made the first trans-Atlantic wireless transmission; Einstein proposed his Theory of Relativity; the Suffragette Movement became strong and the North Pole was discovered!

We hope the public domain photos below will help to kick-start your imagination.

Alexander Graham Bell (better known for his work on the telephone) developed many tetrahedral kites of varying designs (1903-1909) – here are two of them.

In Australia someone had an unusual pet!  Photo dated 1900.



















Wilson Bentley photographed raindrops and snowflakes most of his life   This photo of a snow crystal was taken in 1905.  Below it are more of his photos but they are undated.


A First Nation Group near Lethbridge, Alberta, 1909.

Arthur Smith’s photos were featured in a book “Nature through Microscope and Camera” 1909 – here are just a few of them.




















































































































Beckett and Hadfield took these Lantern slides in Norway.



































Dr Julius Neubronner developed a miniature pigeon camera to photograph the earth from above.  The patent for his invention was granted in 1908.

















The images were processed and sold as postcards at expositions in Dresden and Paris 1909-11.














There is a lot of inspiration to be had from the art world.

“Vetheuil” by Monet, 1901













“Anenomes” by Renoir, 1907


“La jetee a L’Estaque” by Derain, 1906

Buildings and statues can be inspiring too.

The Flatiron Building – an iconic skyscraper  in New York –  completed in 1902.


Statue – a bronze replica of Michelangelo’s ‘David’, Buffalo in the USA, 1903.















Handmade cards were popular.  This valentine card was made in 1900 (maker unknown).










Wealthy ladies had some impressive clothing !








We hope you feel inspired to take part in this challenge.  It looks like there was a lot of really interesting things going on back then offering all sorts of exciting ideas for fibre projects.  Please post your photos in the Studio Challenges section on The Felting and Fiber Forum, we’d love to see them.

17 thoughts on “2021 First Quarter Challenge

  1. Wow! wonderful ideas – I’ll definitely need to go away and think about this.
    Was I the only one who wondered what a Scolex was? I had to google it: “the anterior end of a tapeworm, bearing suckers and hooks for attachment.”. Eeuch!

  2. Great challenge. So much potential. How I love those snowflakes! You’ve sourced lots of really interesting images – I’m looking forward to thinking about them. Thanks & Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you Lindsay. We found so many lovely images but most of them weren’t in the public domain so we couldn’t use them!
      However, we hope that the post shows how a little ‘internet surfing’ can turn up inspiration for this challenge.
      The scope of the challenge is very broad so the hardest part won’t be in the making but in the choosing of an idea.

  3. Great idea for the challenges in 2021. You have found some great inspiration photos, as you say, the challenge will be to narrow it down and choosing an idea. Happy New Year! 🎉

  4. You’ve chosen one of my favourite decades! 1890-1910 is such a rich time for fashion and invention 🙂 You’ve certainly chosen plenty of things to keep everyone inspired.

  5. I can only echo everyone’s comments….an interesting challenge with soooooo much inspiration. We should see some amazing works.

    You’ve certainly come up with an interesting idea for this year’s challenges….clever clogs both of you 🤪

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