Where has all the time gone?

Where has all the time gone?

I do not know where time has gone. I remember having time but it seems very elusive at the moment. Most of my time is taken up with preparing things for our farmer’s market. Thursday is cookies and Friday with my husband doing as much as me, are all the fresh baked goods like butter tarts and buttermilk tarts. lemon curd for tarts too and bread. all this is fine but now I am spending the rest of the week making meat pies. Tourtiere and Chicken. selling out as fast as I can make them. Don’t get me wrong, this is all good it just doesn’t leave much time for felting.

To that end, I have only a couple of pictures of my current felt cowl project I was telling you about here: felted cowl part 1

This is making the template. I drew around the finished paper one and then sized it up.

And this is the silk wrapped around it. Is anyone surprised I picked purple?  You can see the line across on the other side. I forgot to take a picture of the other side. I took me forever and many tried to get the silk around it. I was just not wrapping my head around how to do it. Looking at it here I would make the template larger top to bottom and tape it across the middle, around, then around back and across the middle again. I think I was trying to do it like the paper one which has the joined area on the diagonal and the back part strait. This is much easier. I will put in some basting stitches to replace the tape and I can move onto the laying out of fibres. At this rate, it will be a Christmas present to myself.

By the time I got to this point, I was ready to say this will be a one-off experiment because I am not struggling like this for everyone I make. But now seeing it in a picture after several days of throwing evil looks at it on the other table I think it won’t be so hard the second time.

How would you set up for this type of scarf?



14 thoughts on “Where has all the time gone?

  1. You have set yourself a challenge Ann. I have felted cowl scarves, but the resist is more of a tube being wider at the bottom. I would probably make an adjustment to my template by adding an extra flap that crosses over and extending part of the bottom so that it looks like an ‘x’ at the bottom end. I would need to experiment with that to see if it would work. Thanks for the idea!

  2. We don’t really like making the same thing twice so nearly every make is an experiment therefore we understand your throwing of evil looks!

    Love the colour – keep going Ann and have faith – it’ll be great!

    If we find a shop that sells large boxes of extra time, we’ll let you know!

  3. Having looked at the knitting pattern mentioned in your first article, I just could not get my head around how this worked, even using a paper as you did. So I gave up and went back to an article I’d seen on the Threads magazine newsletter https://www.threadsmagazine.com/2015/08/31/how-to-make-a-cowl-scarf . I used their basic pattern as a basis for a resist (enlarging it by 50%) as I could understand how it should work. Much easier for my poor locked-down brain!
    Looking forward to seeing yours finished (beautiful colour by the way) I hope I can then get my head around it.

    1. Oh my, that looked more complicated to me. Perhaps because I am not much of a sewer. Good thing there are different ways to get to the same end so we can all mange it.

  4. As someone who only knits cowls instead of felting them, I’m very curious to see the finished item. After you’ve done all your baking, of course 🙂

  5. Good luck on getting it finished. Sounds like you’re a short order chef/baker more than a felt maker right now. I’m not really seeing how this is going to work but I’m sure all will come clear when it is finished. Sorry it was such a pain!

  6. I’m drooling here with your list of baked delicacies.
    Having just awoken I can’t get my head around your felted cowl at the moment, in my case seeing it in situ is usually how I resolve tricky problems….having seen a few of your creations you will meet the challenge.
    The colours are definitely you.
    Making hay whilst the sun shines – I can equate with that. Hopefully it will become – ‘making felt whilst the rain falls’!

    1. There are lots of goodies but bread is my downfall. I am sure I will get it done, the real question is when. I may be just as well that the fall shows have been cancelled. I will have to think toward next year when I hope things will be much better.

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