The Wool is Here!

The Wool is Here!

I needed to order some wool and Jan need some wool, in the hopes of being able to teach again. And… Well….who doesn’t need more wool.  I order a large amount when I order. I was aiming for 20 kg. The shipping gets cheaper if you order more. I picked out what I wanted and Jan picked out what she wanted. We took several days to do this. And then having reached 20kg I realized I had not added in the 5 kg of Corriedale I wanted. Well, that means I need to get 40kg as I am in the next shipping bracket. Add some wool I had only been thinking about and some more dyed fibre and then ask a few others I know with week will power, that might want several kgs of wool, not little retail amounts, I made it up to 40kg.  Hit the order button and hear my bank account shriek. LOL, my spell checker wants to change shriek to shrink. Now we wait. a few days later it was in Indianapolis Indiana in the USA, then Montreal Quebec, then Ottawa Ontario.  whoops, then Indianapolis again.   That does seem right… It’s not, here it is on my doorstep. Yay, wait a min there is only one box.

Her it is Jan took these on Saturday when she dropped by to pick you her goodie order. She was busy doing flax and wouldn’t make it to the market. You can see it is not a square box.

I kept checking but the FedEx site just kept saying it was in transit in Indianapolis. Then the site tried to tell me I had no packages so I called them and after a bit convinced the automated system that I was stupid and needed to speak to a human. He had a hard time finding it but said it was waiting for customs clearance. Hmm, I wonder if they will open it or x-ray it. It was there for several days. And then, at last, it arrived

Well, that’s odd that isn’t a white World of Wool box. I bet they opened it and couldn’t get it back in the box. LOL on them. I have had this happen before but it came with the top open and lots of customs tape over the top to keep everything from falling out. It was quite funny.

The first to open was the white box.


I dug down in the white box and it seems to be the batts and prefelt.



I dug down into the second box about halfway. I put it all back in. I don’t have room to let it expand right now. I have to keep my table clear for baking tomorrow. My table does double duty. It has to be cleaned to do felt and then cleaned to do tarts. I have a rolling stone but I need the room for the tart trays.

As you can see it is not packed to the top so I do think it was repacked into a larger box at customs.

I am pretty sure the white you can see inside is the Corriedale. and partway down I found the packing slip and the nice thankyou postcard you always get in these orders. They are usually on the top.

It all went back in the FedEx box but not into the WOW box

The FedEx still shows the parcel as pending with no delivery estimate. I think their site is broken but if they want to deliver more wool I will be happy to take it.

Monday is a holiday and we will don our masks and meet on Jan’s lawn to sort out all the wool parcels. She is in about the middle of where we all live.  I am sure Jan will take lots of pictures of the happy wool gathering.




14 thoughts on “The Wool is Here!

  1. We always worry that parcels opened by customs could be damaged – glad to see that yours was ok.
    It looked like Christmas as you opened the packages – who wouldn’t want all that lovely wool?

    Fingers crossed that you will soon be back to teaching.

  2. Hey, weak will power indeed! I consider myself an enthusiastic support of the fiber industry, weak will power indeed. YOU made me do it!

  3. What a haul….I really would have enjoyed watching customs open the box, finding no contraband & then see them attempt to put it all back in the box!!! A lot of head scratching & cussing must have gone on.

    I hope everything you ordered is there & that you don’t have plans for another 40kg order any time…..tooooo soon!

    I also hope you have the storage space.

  4. OH MY!! i am looking forword to tomorow!! i may have to change my next post to the final unboxing and dispersment of exotic foren well traveled wool!! i wonder if that costoms officer will bother with anything that says WOW (world of wool) on the box? ever? not even tempted?

    1. Hey that was my plan. LOL. I imagine they only ever opt to have a look inside one WOW box. Maybe it is something they get the new guy to do. Here this box needs to be checked.

  5. Ann the poor new guy at costoms will not make the mistake of oppeing another box from world of wool that seems to be a bit over stuffed. i bet next time thay just exray it to make shure we didnt order the hole sheep!!!

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