Autumn Nuno Hand Stitch Update

Autumn Nuno Hand Stitch Update

The last time I updated you on my autumn nuno landscape it looked like this. I have been slowly continuing to add more color into the middle background area with seed stitch. I added a lot of red orange as well as green and even some dark purple.

Here you can see more of the red orange additions and the purple that I used for a shadow color. I decided to use the dark purple instead of brown or black. Black is definitely too stark and I think the cool color in the middle of the red orange gives it more “pop”.

Here is the area where I added more green. You can see on the left that I haven’t finished filling in the green.

And here is the piece as it is at this point. I still need to add some more shadow shapes in the red orange swath and perhaps a bit more definition of the aspen trunks in the distance. Can you see the area that will become the foreground aspen trees? It is finally looking more landscape to me. So I will keep on with my slow stitching and update you on my progress next month.

12 thoughts on “Autumn Nuno Hand Stitch Update

  1. It’s lovely to see this piece developing and we’re looking forward to reading the next post about it. With the nights drawing in you’ll have plenty of fireside time for slow stitching.

  2. Ruth
    I think this piece is amazing to watch in progress! There must be a million seed stitches so far. Are you using perle coton or floss or??
    Can’t wait for the aspens to be defined!

    1. Thanks Sally! I’m using a variety of cotton thread including Perle cotton, floss and #12 machine thread. I’m looking forward to seeing the Aspen come alive too.

  3. Such a labour of love, Ruth. I’m really impressed with your thoughtful commitment to this piece and I love how it’s developing: slowly becoming richer and more deeply defined.

  4. The colours you have chosen give your piece a vibrancy & the stitches a rich texture.
    This is certainly an example of slow stitch.
    Like others before me – I’m enjoying watching the piece develop.

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