Felt Basket Mark 2

Felt Basket Mark 2

I thought I would have a try at another felt basket. If you missed the other one it is here: https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2020/06/01/second-quarter-challenge-mark-1/  It was part of the second quarter challenge and I guess this one counts too as we aren’t out of the second quarter yet. This one I wanted to be bigger and wider. I made the resist 30 inches (76 cm)across

This is how it compares to the one for the grey basket

I decided to use white Corriedale wool for this one. Corriedale is readily available so it might be a more useful example for people. It’s white because I only 100 grams of dyed Corriedale. I used 200 grams for the basket. I was sure I took a picture of the resist covered in wool but it seems to have disappeared. I am sure you can imagine a big circle covered in white wool.

Ta da, a wave of my magic felting wand and

The finished basket is 19 inches ( 48 cm ) across.

Next, I blew up a beach ball inside the basket and rubbed away some of the wrinkles that showed up when I tried to make it round with the ball.

It is now sitting outside on the table drying. It looks pretty freaky but it will be the right shape when it’s dry. Next week I hope to show it to you finished, and looking pretty and more basket like.


15 thoughts on “Felt Basket Mark 2

  1. Looking good so far Ann. I have a tip for getting out all the bumps for a smooth vessel. Whack it with a wooden spoon when on a ball or balloon, while damp. It works and gets rid of frustration at the same time. 🙂 Looking forward to the finished result. I see you changed your design.

    1. Thanks. Yes tapping and whacking works great. Whacking the brim of a hat with a pool noodle is lots of fun. This was a rubbing tool. I think it is for Dog washing. I will get a picture. I am sure I had one one here but cant think what I labelled it.

  2. All it needs is a mouth and a pair of slanted nostrils and it could be Voldemort or add a pair of antennae and you’ve an insect head. Just think what beautiful wings a butterfly that size would have.
    Seriously though, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished article, it looks as if you’re making an integral lid? That’s a good idea.

  3. Whoa! Alien face! It’s looking good so far Ann – you achieved a decent amount of shrinkage. You have us in suspense – we’d like to see the finished basket!
    Arlene’s wooden spoon bashing does work and it is very satisfying.

    1. It does look alien doesn’t it. I am hoping to finish the basket today. I just have to find a couple of things that were tucked away for winter. It is fun to beat things into submission.

  4. Looking very alien to me too with big, bulging eyes. But I’m sure it will be much more basket like in your next post. I hope it turns out the way you want it this time.

  5. Thank you for your post and photos. I’ve wanted to make a basket with the handle but couldn’t figure out how to cut the handle part. Now I know! I love the beach ball to make it round idea especially with the beating it into submission!! hehehe. i have trouble getting things round and will try with balloons and beach balls. Jan

  6. its definatly an angry alien!! will verion 3 have a flatter bottom to the basket?

    will you let me know where you got your “magic felting wand” i think it would speed up felting and keep my hands dry! -the other Jan, the one with the odd spelling.

  7. Aliens, giant insects, beating into submission, round bottoms, magic felting wands – we have it all here.
    Good work Ann looking forward to your next post.

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