A Spring Shawl

A Spring Shawl

This is a throwback post. We had a very busy first day at the farmers market. The busiest day we have ever had. We had what we thought was a 3-week supply of Pasties and sold all but 2 of them. So there will be no felting this week while I restock 4 flavours of pasties for next week and hopefully enough to last more than one week. So, I hope you enjoy this post from a few years ago.

The museum store wanted some shawls that are more “springy”.  This is the first one.

It is a pastel pink and blue silk with pale pink wool on 2/3 of it. I then added some silk hanky flowers and leaves at each end and in the middle. It was to plane so I added some more leaves down the length. At this point, I remembered to take some pictures.

pink-shawl-silk-flowerspink-shawl-left-end pink-shawl-middle pink-shawl-right-end

The pink wool is in a very thin layer so it will be very lightweight for spring. The finished piece is about 15 inches wide so it can be a small shawl or a wide scarf.

finished-spring-shawl finished-spring-shawl-wool-side-2

finished-spring-shawl-wool-side-1 finished-spring-shawl-silk-side

I like doing shawls with a silk section left to float as you walk.

The pictures are in my studio, taken hastily as my turn to blog snuck up on me. Everyone seems to be complaining about it being too dull outside to take pictures. I have the opposite problem. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the ground is covered in white highly reflective snow. It is blinding out there.

Are you thinking about spring things with soft colours or are you still in hibernation with warms cozy colours?



22 thoughts on “A Spring Shawl

  1. Lovely shawl. Very springy colours. I also like light shawls, with very little wool and let the silk speak for itself.

  2. It’s a very pretty shawl Ann – it looks so floaty and delicate – and I like the pink and blue mix.

    I’m making a lightweight lacy scarf presently, but it’s knitting.

  3. Lovely scarf Ann! It’s nice to see spring colors and flowers and silk is always so delicate and feminine.

  4. Nice shawl, Ann 🙂
    I’ve been painting a lot lately, and been using dark blues, yellow and greens.

  5. Lovely to see the shawl again – It’s really pretty, ideal for this time of year, and it could be worn for any occasion from casual to formal.

    I remember seeing a photo of your pasties Ann – they really do look so delicious. It’s no surprise that they sell quickly.

  6. Very pretty Ann. I wonder how you do the silk hanky flowers? Do you add wool on top to help them stick?

  7. Glad your pasties were so popular. But it sounds like you are going to be really busy baking more. Thanks showing us the shawl again 🙂

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