A little Social Spinning.

A little Social Spinning.


Since we are all sitting at home, and not going out to gatherings,  I did a little spinning with some friends from my weavers and spinners guild on Zoom. A social distancing, social. For our first try, it went very well. We chatted about many things while most of us were spinning,  just like we do when we meet in person.


This is part of the batt I used. You can see there are large parts that or very hard to draft along with wool. It is silk fibre, I think.

It was getting close to time to start zoom so I did a few rolags up with my hand carders. Naturally, I didn’t think to take pictures of them until later. Lying in bed I think that’s ok I had 1 or I thought 2 left I will do it tomorrow. But, they disappeared mysteriously. No one took them or moved them. Not even a bit of fluff from them has surfaced so I think perhaps some fairies came in the night and took them off to make soft beds or something.

I do have a picture of the little bit of spinning I did. I will have to make some more rolags and hide them. Although putting stuff in safe places often means I can’t find them either.

This is the P.S. to this part of the post. I made some more rolags after I finished setting the post up. Here they are:

This is some spinning I did earlier in the week form a different batt. This batt is a nice grey and pink. I think I showed it to you before but can’t find where.

I thought I had a picture of it as a single but it’s not on my phone.  This is it plied into a 2 ply yarn and wound into a little center pull ball. It is quite pretty

I hope everyone is keeping well during this stressful time.

19 thoughts on “A little Social Spinning.

  1. Your spinning looks lovely. I have a drop spindle and was shown how to do it, but I’m still quite pants at it. I would love one with foot pedals, but I have no room in my house. Though I’m sure if I look hard enough I might be able to fit one by the TV! 🙂 Glad to hear you could be social while still being isolated. I don’t think that would happen with our guild as a lot of members are not tech savvy.

    1. The drop spindle just takes practice. Did you do the park and draft method to learn? there are some very tiny wheels now. The hitchhiker and hatbox are both good and take up very little space. Some of our guild are not very tech-savvy either. We are a big guild so there are enough of us. we are going to give it another try tomorrow.

  2. What a nice idea to have a virtual social. Sounds like you all had fun. The spinning is lovely. What do you do with the wool (I seem to remember your saying you don’t knit or crochet)? And I’m glad I’m not the only one whose ‘safe’ places are so safe that you cannot find them – that made me laugh!

    1. It was fun. I use the yarn to decorate my felt. I have more than I can use but I enjoy spinning. I only make small balls of things so there isn’t as much as all that. One day I may have someone knit me something with all the bits.

  3. What a lovely way to get together with your friends! Having something to do, in this case spinning, also keeps the conversation flowing nicely doesn’t it?
    Your finished ball of wool is very pretty.

    1. Thanks, Lyn. it is a great way. It’s nice to be chatting with a group rather than one on one. it’s fun one on one, it is a differnt dynamic.

  4. What a great way to keep a gathering going whilst staying away! I once did a knit-blog on Google Hangouts and it was fun. Hooray for alternative plans to stay busy!

  5. Ann, you made me chuckle. I think your fairies have got English cousins….I’ve not been able to find my wooden handled felting needle for 2 weeks….gone….I was using it, then….poof!

    I like the product of your endeavours, particularly the blue-green yarn.
    At some point i’m hoping to try Zoom. Amazing how this social distancing is forcing us into areas we’ve not explored before.

  6. i missed the distance social! my computers are sucurity conchus and dont have cameras! but my fone mite if it can pay attention and not die. your spinning is always grate! love the batt choices! i will keep an eye out for those fiber filtching faries. better check that your cats havnt cot the fendish fellons anyting with wings looks like fun to a cat!

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