So much time.  So much to do!

So much time.  So much to do!

So much time.  So much to do!

Almost all the exciting things I was going to tell you about today were cancelled. The first was the Drive to Peterborough for the first big fibre festival of the year. Last year, due to unpleasant weather in Ottawa, we seemed to be the only ones from there to make it. Not only does the Peterborough Weavers and Spinners guild put on a good sized fibre festival they also get Spring before we do! So it’s nice to see it may arrive in our area in a couple weeks more.

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1-14  From last year at the Peterborough Fibre festival,  a good mix of fibre, yarn, supplies and finished goods.

We also missed the yearly Demo at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show. In the last 2 years, I have felted at the demo, making the polar bear face and then a cardinal. This year it was cancelled but it is better to be safe than sick.

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15-27  The Farm show demo 2019. this is a demo for excellent questions, talking to hemp growers, and trappers with fur. I am going to miss the sheep shaped car air freshener that one booth was giving away!

Well this stay home/work from home idea may not be all bad (as long as we do not get sick!) So far I have read (yes books with words not available in an audible form), watched felting videos I had not yet watched, also videos on restructuring a Victorian style coat, making a pair of combinations (historical fancy underwear), making an 1887 corset and a video on pad stitching. I also am going through and sorting some of the project boxes I have around the house.

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28-30   This was hiding in a box between the dining room and the living room. I wondered where that had got. Originally it was going to be a 5×7 but quickly turned into an 8×10 as I grew more interested In the branch. I should keep looking and find its frame.

Best of all I found one of my missing pairs of old glasses that are just the right focal depth to read, type and felt easily!!! (Oh, maybe not being able to see the keys was better, I think I need to dust the keyboard more often)

3131  Hmm, maybe it’s time to clean up my desk too.

I have been spending a bit more time in the kitchen making interesting Dinners since Glenn is still working. In addition, I have a Grocery run for my mom. Last week was milk, which is a bit heavy for me. So the trundle box, that has been sitting abandoned in the kitchen had to be emptied so I can put her groceries in it.  When I emptied the trundle box I found my missing Other pictures for the landscape workshop!!! I have to remember to unpack and put things away!

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32-34    These are frames I picked up second hand at Value village. The larger one is a memory box, it has a fold down glass front. The second is a shadow box so it has a deeper space between the glass and the artwork. Both are lined with linen fabric so the felt has been pinned to the backing fabric.

Well, now I will have a bit more time since the Guild is closed and I haven’t been working on the guild library projects. Who knows, if I keep puttering on the house I may find that place where I keep putting things so they will be safe!!! (So safe I cannot find them again!)I have done a bit of online shopping some of which will be shared with Ann when it eventually arrives.  I even have felting projects I want to get started before the fleece washing season is back upon us. I hope you are all healthy and since we are instructed to stick our hands in soapy water frequently, at least the wet felters should have a great chance of avoiding the flu! Maybe I will have to wet felt a few backgrounds to needle felt over later. Have lots of fun and use up lots of soap!


10 thoughts on “So much time.  So much to do!

  1. We have had things cancelled here in the UK as well. The craft fair, our spinning guild meetings, a holiday at the end of April. Better to be safe than sorry. We can at least go to the woods to walk the dogs and I was actually considering cleaning my house instead of doing crafts. I am not purchasing anymore wool as I need to focus my finances on essentials. I think I have enough to keep me going for awhile. When it runs out, I can go back to painting. I have a large piece that I started the beginning of last year which keeps calling out to me to finish. Even though we are self isolating, we still have things to do. Keep well and take care.

    1. Yes i feel Glumm about missing all the events but it is better than feeling sick after attending them.

      we lost our holidayToo! this summer we were to be off to a blacksmithing conference this time in upstate NY. i was going to take basketry workshops! (thay put on workshops for the souses of blacksmiths). it has all been canciled. we have to try and think positivily if posible, this is an opertunity to cleen up studios, find misplaced things, look at the internet for resurch, inspieration or both. there is painting, felting, spinning, weaving, Gardening, reading or just sitting and enjoying the crows doing a fly by while watching clowds!

      i still miss walking in the woods with my very old dog, but the woods have been cut down to redirect the creek so the city can put in a transit station. Mr B would have been distrot at all his favorite trees missing. i am glad you are getting out to enjoy dog waking and stashes are there to be busted occationaly so you can by more later!

      take care and enjoy the spring! ours seems to be postponed since its snowing again!

    2. Jan, the last time we had snow was in 2011! It feels like Spring today. We need to make the best of things. I think women are very good at keeping themselves busy! Take care of yourself. A

  2. Thanks for an upbeat post Jan even though the worldwide situation is feeling very gloomy. I have cleaned out my studio room and gotten rid of things that I haven’t used for years. It feels much better in here and I have room to breathe. Glad you found some of your pieces that had gone missing. I could probably use up stash for years without buying anything new. I try to create projects based on what I already have. Stay safe!

    1. it is a good time to clean up, reorganize, and then have fun creating! if spring will just cooperate and arrive we can even have some fun gardening. Stay healthy and Congratulations on the Cleaned up studio! I will try to get mine back in order too.

  3. You are ahead of me on finding things. though I did find I had one of those opening frames not long ago when looking for something else. When we all get back to the guild again we will have lots of show and tell.

    1. You have an entire big Barn to hide sheep and stuff in! im sure you will find much more interesting things than i will! i too am looking foreword to show and tell at the guild! now i have to stop reading face book and get some sorting done!

    1. Thanks Marilyn! yes we definatly need colourfull fiber, bits of fluff and insperational images to get our brains creating! i am getting vary curiouse about what is happeing down the street with the redirecting creek and preperations for the train tarnsit stop. step one was steel all our trees, next was “move the creek”. that is going to be intreeging. we just got a note that hidro was moving some of the poles and that storm sewer upgrades were happening too. (maybe the end of my drive way will stop having Lake Iris in the spring?)
      today its blue skys here so i too am hopeing for spring! take care and have fun felting!

  4. Yes, we’re on lockdown here too. Better that than take unnecessary risks though. Every public gathering such as fairs, workshops is cancelled as are things like hairdressing appts, routine medical appts, public libraries and all things we enjoy and take for granted!
    The thing a lot of people are unhappy with is the closure of public inns!

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