1st quarter jewellery challenge

1st quarter jewellery challenge

This is the last of my contributions to this quarter’s challenge. I am looking forward to finding out what the next quarter’s challenge is.

Last time I showed you my circles of silk and wool to be made into flowers.

First, I rubbed and rolled them until they were well felted.  Then I folded them into a cone and started rolling in my hands and pulling on the point. That resulted in this:

Next, I cut some leaves from the flat green piece and needled them onto the flowers.

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I thought they need some stamen. I used locks. These are Wensleydale cross locks I bought already dyed. The first few I made, I didn’t like. The stamens were too long and they looked more like some sort of horror movie flower monster that was sticking out their tongues.

I shortened them. I think I need to dye some locks yellow for the rest. I should have time as we are all staying home.

I will add pins, probably safety pins, to these. Then they can go on a hat or coat or anything really.

I haven’t found good broach pins yet. The ones in local stores all seem to fall apart after a few uses.  I had a link to a supplier but there was no way to tell which ones were good and which ones were not. I will have to order samples maybe.

I was surprised while editing the flowers on how hairy they look. You don’t really notice them in person. The camera really picks them up. The other interesting thing I discovered was that the lid of my new laptop is great for taking pictures. It is flat black and doesn’t reflect the light.




12 thoughts on “1st quarter jewellery challenge

    1. Thanks, Ruth. I am really please with how they turned out. I hope people will like them. The next problem is to figure out how much to charge for them.

  1. i hope you do another felted flower evening workshop! the last was a blast! i see you got a fome neealing pad, i hope it is easier on your elbow? i have sew on broach pins you mite like, you can have some of those or i can pick some up for you if i can escape the house maybe in a week or so! the flowers look vary morning glory-ish to me! thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. Thanks, Jan, that class was fun. |Yes the new pad is better on my elbow. I will have to try a picture with it. Yes, morning glory. I looked up trumpet flowers and they seem to come in every colour and combination and leaf shape. I will have a look at your pin backs when we can get together again. I hope we get this under control quickly and it will not last too long.

  2. Your colourful flowers are a welcome sight & as Jan said remind me of morning glory flowers. They will certainly enhance any garments & hats.

  3. Great flowers, Ann. They look very cheerful. You could even wear them in a cluster to add extra impact.

  4. They are beautiful Ann! Lovely colour combinations and the leaf green is nicely subtle. Why not use safety pins?

    The laptop background is a good find and yes, the camera picks up every single fibre.

    1. Thanks, Lyn. Good to see you back, I hope you are feeling better. I like safety pins but I am told they do not look as professional. Funny how we just don’t see the fibres in person.

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