Zed Needs Your Help!

Zed Needs Your Help!

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you will remember Zed’s posts. She does some wonderful experimental felt making and is always trying out new fiber, embellishments and other fun stuff and letting us know what happens. Zed has not posted here since June because she has been having a very difficult situation in life. She has been on disability benefits ESA and PIP due to conditions called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Basilar Artery Migraine. Last year, Zed was offered the chance to try self-employment for a year under a government scheme. Although it wasn’t a ‘runaway success’, with the safety net of Working Tax Credits to make up the difference in income to the same amount as ESA, she decided to try and make a go of ‘Felt by Zed’. Zed didn’t realize that she wouldn’t be entitled to the other low-income benefits she’d previously claimed which help with rent and council tax, so she used her savings and money from her mom’s will to cover these. Unfortunately, the savings ran out at the same time a PIP re-assessment resulted in a benefits cut of 33%, so soon income was less than expenses.

Zed’s debts have spiralled and due to bad advice, and other unfortunate experiences with the system, Zed is now being threatened with eviction. Zed is unable to work a normal job due to ME and is finding it difficult to even afford food. By raising $1,000.00, Zed will be able to pay past debts and start fresh. Zed may be entitled to Universal Credit but won’t be able to get an appointment until after the holidays. It takes 5 weeks for the applications to be approved.

We here at The Felting and Fiber Studio feel it is important to help our own. We have started a GoFundMe campaign for Zed and have contributed $200 to start out the campaign. Here is the link if you would be so kind as to donate a few dollars or pounds.


If all our readers could afford a few dollars, we could reach this goal very quickly. Or if you don’t feel comfortable giving through GoFundMe, would you consider buying one of Zed’s e-books? https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/shop/felt-by-zed/

Your generosity will allow Zed to pay back any debts owed and afford the basics over the holiday season. We appreciate any amount that you are able or willing to give. Thank you!

The Felting and Fiber Studio Team


11 thoughts on “Zed Needs Your Help!

  1. It would be great if we could all help – Zed has been a generous online felting friend to us all.

    Big hug from Lyn and Annie.

  2. Zed was one of the first people I learned about felt from 7 years ago when I started my felting journey. She has always been so generous with the information she shares and her wealth of knowledge is massive. Thank you for the opportunity to give back to someone who has given o much to the felting community.

  3. Thank you for letting the readers of Zed’s blog know about her situation. I was more than happy to make a donation, what a horrible situation to be in. I wish her a change in fortune and I thank her for all the work she puts into her blog. Bronwyn

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  4. I’m only too happy to have made a donation as Zed has been so very generous sharing her knowledge & experiences. Thank you for this post which explains why there has been ‘radio silence’ from her for so long.
    If you read this Zed I wish you well & hope you can get back on track soon.
    It is the time of year to share companionship, love & respect – I hope Zed you will wrap yourself with all of these from all of us.

  5. Very sorry to hear about Zed’s situation. Sadly, yesterday’s general election result is unlikely to improve her circumstances, but hopefully the worldwide support shown here will help her get through.

  6. I’m so sorry that Zed is in this position. I hope she feels warmed and supported by the contributions and comments here and we look forward to hearing more as things get better for her.

  7. Unfortunately I’m familiar with a similar situation, my elderly neighbour was bankrupted for a tiny extra income!
    I’ve bought Zed’s book through her blog site, just a very little help.

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