Felted Scissor Cases Continued.

A while back I did a post about making scissor cases. scissor case post  I made a prototype and everyone liked them when I showed them around. I ordered more scissors and last week I made some more.

The scissors I ordered were slightly bigger so I had to redo a prototype to get the sizing right.

This worked so I made several resists and got to work. These are wet. Most of the time I find it easier to add the decorations when they are wet. The fibres stay where you put them.

scull with teeth


silk flower and prefelt leaves


I took more pictures. individual and group.  I remember deliberately doing it but they are not on the camera. I did take pictures of them finished.

And here they are all felted and dry.

Both the lap and the scull need shaving. The silk will show more after shaving and the scull is a bit fuzzy and sadly I lost his funky teeth.

I like the way the nuno flower one turned out. The shorter locks on this Teeswater locks one went all fuzzy and they may get pulled or trimmed off. I don’t like them.


This lock one is Blue Faced Lester I think. it lost its 2 dark purple locks. I will needle felt them back on. the paisley got distorted because I used yarn and not roving. Despite that, it looks much nicer in person. the last one is a lock flower. It has more dimension in person and it like it. It’s a bit quirky. I will make some more and hopefully, they will sell at the fall shows.




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10 Responses to Felted Scissor Cases Continued.

  1. ruthlane says:

    These are great Ann. I am sure they will be popular.

  2. Marion Kennedy says:

    Great idea, they look really good.

  3. annielynrosie says:

    A great idea – it’s the kind of thing people buy when looking for a gift !

  4. A great variety to appeal to a number of different people!

  5. Antje says:

    You certainly have a good collection just waiting to be snapped up.

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