Influencing Shape with Fiber Layout and Prefelt

Influencing Shape with Fiber Layout and Prefelt

I am continuing with my experiments with how fiber layout and prefelt effect the shape of three dimensional wet felt. I decided to combine two of the things that I had tried before.

The first was the circular layout that I showed you in this post. The cone above was made with the same circular layout. I used orange wool and laid it in a circular pattern to make a small circle. Then I used an idea from Kim Winter of Flextiles which she showed in this post. I cut up some old felt into pieces and made sure the back fibers were roughed up.

Here’s the layout. There is a resist under the circle but I didn’t use it. It was just to get the circular shape easily. I removed it before felting. I then got so involved in working on the piece that I forgot to take any photos until I was finished. But I wet this down, turned it upside down and worked from the back side for quite a while rubbing and making sure that the yellow felt pieces were attaching. It actually worked better than I thought it would and the old felt attached right down to the orange wool. Thanks for the tip Kim!

Here is the result. When I was felting and fulling this piece, I kept working around in a circle so that the orange wool would shrink into a cone shape. With the addition of the yellow felt, the shape was definitely effected by the radiating felt shapes. It turned into a squash blossom all by itself! The formation of the 3D shape developed with minimal effort and shaping on my part.

Since it looked so much like a squash blossom, I added it to my squash pod from last week. They went together like I had planned it from the beginning. Of course if I had planned it, I don’t think they would have worked so well, but cheers for happy accidents.

13 thoughts on “Influencing Shape with Fiber Layout and Prefelt

  1. That worked really well Ruth, especially with your previous piece! Good idea to rub it from the back, as the fibres on top prevent the old felt from moving around too much, in the same way I worked inside out.

    It’s great that we can all build on each other’s ideas and techniques – one of the best things about sites like this. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kim! It wasn’t meant to go with the previous piece but it worked out perfectly. Yes, it is great to get ideas and techniques from others, great community effort!

  2. Hi Ruth, Thanks so much for showing your process. I will try to follow it when I get the chance to start working on 3-D forms. Thanks very much for sharing these tutorials.

    1. You’re welcome Carol. I hope you’ll show us your results when you get around to 3D. It’s lots of fun 🙂

  3. The squash blossom turned out well & is a good example for differential shrinkage (& using up leftovers!). Serendipity that it works so well with your last piece.

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