Updated needed on my Name tag Part 1 (a 3-part process).

Updated needed on my Name tag Part 1 (a 3-part process).

Part 1:  Old and New, Part 2: the Lanyard and the card stock marudai and Part 3: needle felting of the picture and the name


Many Years ago, Ann did a program at the OVWSG (local guild) on making your own felted name tag. She had taken a couple old blankets and fulled them (as you already know shrinking of woven or knit stuff is fulling, the term felting refers to coalescing fibres into a non-woven structure like fabric.)  She cut paper of about the same size to work out our design (our name and something with it; flower, spindle, shuttle, etc.) She had felting needles to use with yarn to write our names and draw our picture.  I hope we do this program again.  it was quite a while ago and we have a lot of new members now.

My name tag is certainly showing its age. It’s usually in the bottom of one of my spinning baskets that I take to demos. It is now looking worn and it’s about time for it to be replaced.

Part 1 Old and New -the preparing of the tag


The original name tag was about 2 x 3 inches and used a pin to attach it to whatever I was wearing. Pins are not always appreciated by fabric so I wanted to upgrade my new one to a lanyard so I could just loop it over my head.


about 3 inches by 2 inches 2-3

I needed something sturdy and with enough stiffness not to bend when it was suspended. I picked a small, left-over cutting from my part of the unfortunately felted wool duvet that had been donated to the guild for dispersal amongst the felters who wanted it. ( I think I told you about that already). we carefully removed the outer cover to salvage the felted wool within.


-Carsonby Hall Felt in 2018 4-5

It was reasonably firm but not the colour I wanted as a base so I added a nice Prussian blue to even out the surface and fix the colour. I will cut it down to make it a bit more rectangular when I finalize the design.


I used  the evil Metal Multi-tool that I got from the Woolery (Wow! That’s fast for laying in background!) if you are doing anything flat that you want to work quickly this may be the tool for you. I made fast work of the base for Sheep ears in a workshop with Wendo at Almonte Fiberfest.

8“Felt Craft’s Ten-Needle Tool”  I found mine at the Woolery

Base done I went on to the lanyard

Check back, Part 2 the Lanyard


4 thoughts on “Updated needed on my Name tag Part 1 (a 3-part process).

  1. How lucky for you and your friends that the wool quilt was accidentally felted!
    We’ve never seen such a needle felting tool as that shown – what a monster!
    The base colour for your new tag is lovely – look forward to the lanyard post.

  2. I have a felted name tag somewhere, not sure where. Yours has started out well and that big piece of accidentally felted wool looks scrumptious. I haven’t seen that felting tool either, it looks like I would lose my fingers with that one.

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