Another Great Nuno felt Class

I had another wonderful group of ladies learning to make Nuno felt. I had 5 in the class.

Here everyone is laying out their base wool on the silk blanks I had dyed for the class

Ruth has been talking about layout effecting shrinkage. Some of these ladies are laying their wool along the scarf to get a shorter but wider scarf and the others are laying the wool across the scarf to get a longer but narrower scarf.

After the base is laid down they get to add the embellishments, more wool, curls or silk fibres, hankies or throwsters waste.

Then after much rubbing and rolling and some scrunching and throwing everyone had a lovely finished scarf. the first 2 below put very thin layers so the silk would show through to the wool side.

Everyone seemed really pleased with what they had done and the magic of making nuno felt. I am always amazed at how different everyone pieces are and the surprise when it really works.

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8 Responses to Another Great Nuno felt Class

  1. Karen Lane says:

    Lovely work Ann and such a great variety of colours and patterns,

  2. Wow, a nice variety of styles and colors. Looks like another successful class! Five students is a nice size group to work with. Well done!

  3. ruthlane says:

    Looks like a great class Ann! Nice for people to learn the differences that directional fiber layout makes! 🙂

  4. annielynrosie says:

    All very pretty scarves!
    A lovely class, a practical lesson on directional shrinkage and how good it is to have tables long enough so that you don’t have fiddle about with folding the work as you go.

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