Autumn Necklace

Autumn Necklace

Although we’ve got baking temperatures and scorched grass outside, indoors I’m amassing quite a collection of Autumn leaves made from Lutradur!  I’ve decided its time to start thinking about what I’m going to do with these leaves and incorporating some of them into new pieces of work.

This particular leaf has been painted with Dylan bronze fabric paint to give it a metallic look.

The leaf, top right, before painting.
Bronze painted Lutradur leaf

I decided to incorporate it in a very simple choker type necklace.  The leaf is quite intricate so anything fussy would distract from the detail.

I began by cutting out a 4cm wide crescent shape from a piece of white superfine Merino prefelt 20cm x 29cm.

This was overlaid with Oyster Merino on the left and Antique on the right.

I made the felt quite thick and really worked it hard to shrink it and firm it up which resulted in a very textural effect and a subtle change from one colour to the other.  The leaf was sewn in place using a bronze coloured linen thread.  There is a chain fastener across the back but for now you will have to take my word for that…….I didn’t think to photograph it and I’m writing this post sitting in my B&B in Scotland while the Necklace is back home!  I will take a picture and add the image when I get back.

23 thoughts on “Autumn Necklace

  1. Really gorgeous Karen. I love the simple but effective Autumn colours, I like Antique very much. Is it for you or will you sell it? I think it would fly.

    1. This one is definitely a keeper Tracey but I’ve got some more leaves so will make Autumn necklaces for my exhibition at The Big Textile Show in October.

    1. Thanks Ruth, it’s in complete contrast to the “loud” piece I’ve made this week at Ricarda Assmanns workshop where we were encouraged to work with “bling bling”! I will probably have to make this my next blog post if I dare share it!!!

  2. Love the way the colours blend so subtly and the beautiful leaf sits on the oyster perfectly.

  3. These are lovely Karen. Would you mind sharing your technique for making your leaves? Thank you!

    1. Thank you Karen! I somehow managed to miss the earlier post. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  4. Beautiful. The simplicity of colour and solid texture, set off the delicate tracery of the leaf so well. Very inspiring.

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