Some Spinning and a New Loom.

Some Spinning and a New Loom.

Things are still very busy here with the bottle lambs. So there is not much time for felting.

I have managed to do some spinning. It all still needs plying.

This one I think will have to be plied with somthing else. I think that if I try to pull the yarn out of the middle as well as the outside it will get hopelessly tangled with all the curls.

Sunday I am picked up a new to me ( and Jan of the polar bear and bull frog). This is an upright tapestry loom. The loom has come all the way from Sudbury. It was transported down by a lady down to visit her daughter saving Jan or I from having to do the long drive up there. As you can see it is all in pieces in my van. I have to clear space for it. that will hopefully happen over the next moth or so as my husband builds his new space and I get to take over his old space. My plan is to make some fleece rugs. I think Jan is planning a Viking cloak.


8 thoughts on “Some Spinning and a New Loom.

    1. Thanks. doing small amounts with the blending board lets you try out some strange colour combinations. I never would have thought to put that blue and orange together. Fortunately the loom came with good instructions with lots of pictures and Jan has put a loom together before.

  1. When you get the time, you’ll still be very busy! Love the yarn color combos. Good luck with the loom.

  2. Look at all those cute, hungry babies, so cute. Love the yarn colors and I’m glad you have Jan to help you with the loom. Looks like a very hard puzzle to me.

    1. They are cute and they think they are starving 5 min after being fed. We have some very goo instructions and it is really well labels so I think once I clear some space we will get it done fairly easily.

  3. Aaw, those lambs! 🙂 I saw an ‘article’ yesterday about some woman who’s feeding a lamb rejected by its mum, I was waiting for the story, but that was it! I bet that yarn with the curls would look good woven 🙂

    1. They are a lot of work. We feed them 4 times a day and give them grain and hay. there are 13 of them so that lots of washing bottles and mixing up milk powder. the curls would be fun woven.

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