Latest Makes

Latest Makes

I got a really cool embroidered cushion cover years ago (probably over 15, thinking about it) and the back kept splitting at the seams. I mended it a few times, but it was past repair so when I went to the fabric shop recently I had a look for some fabric to replace it. I found a really nice abstract plant/paint splash design, though that’s not so obvious from the small cushion back:

It doesn’t exactly match the front, but now I have a reversible cover! This is the front:

We had a ‘play day’ at the well being centre the week before easter. I’m sure I work better the less thought I put into something! I just grabbed a couple of colours of Merino and a few wool ‘kebab’ tubes from the bag someone else had got out. I honestly don’t think I could have made a nicer piece if I’d planned it!

This week most of us did some form of nuno felting. A couple of us did a bit of ‘extreme nuno’, laying out various fabrics, then 4 really fine layers of Merino, and bingo-wing-busting amounts of rubbing until our pieces are roughly a quarter of the starting size! I need to stop using so much blue, it is a nightmare to photograph, but this is my finished piece:

I loved the ripples on this red fabric:

I can never resist using a bit of scrim and synthetic chiffon for these pieces:

This was from some fabric donated by Judith or maybe Terri, a nice shiny piece of viscose:

I’m not sure what this fabric is, one of our members brings us lots of offcuts to use. I like the way it just crumpled:

And this is the back, there was quite a bit of texture, but I liked how there was a lot of definition from a piece of organza which had kind of bent out of shape:

If you missed it, Ann’s 2nd Quarter Surface Design Challenge is Nuno Felting, so have a look here and join in 🙂

10 thoughts on “Latest Makes

  1. I like the reversible cushion cover. Both lovely designs, it’s fun to change it up occasionally. Nice textures for the Nuno.the kebob pic is lovely. Sometimes it’s best not to overthink, obviously.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      Yeah, I agree, and we definitely do more chatting than overthinking at the centre!

  2. I think I like the back of the cushion more than the front. Nice fabric 🙂 The blue and orange piece is lovely and the nuno felt sample is great too. Such wonderful textures.

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      I do have the cushion with the ‘back’ showing now, I really like the fabric.

  3. Your unplanned ‘kebab’ piece is lovely….what are your plans for it?
    Thank you for showing your ‘hard won’ felted texture pieces. It,s always interesting to see what others achieve.

    1. Thanks, Antje 🙂
      I’m keeping my eye out for the right frame for the kebab piece. It’ll probably stay pinned to my notice board though!

    1. Thanks, Ann 🙂
      Yeah, and I’m sure where they’re positioned makes a difference, some attach better away from the edges.

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