A Couple of Felted Pouches

A Couple of Felted Pouches

This week I decided to make a new pouch for my business cards. The one I am using now is getting  a little ratty looking from being in my purse for several years.

I didn’t take any in progress photos. I wasn’t really thinking about it, just enjoying the process of making something.

This is the first one, front and back and closed. It turned out well but I tiny bit smaller than I wanted.  Not bad considering I didn’t do any measuring I just cut out a resist and started.

Here it is on the resist so you can see the shrinkage

And a pictures of the nuno felt designs.

I made the second pouch bigger. I wanted some ruffles along the sides so added extra fiber there sticking out from the side. I didn’t make the extra wide enough and it almost disappeared. It is a tiny bit ruffled but not great.

and on the resist.

And a close up of the silk roses, I think I will shave them, they are a bit fuzzy.

Finally both of them with a ruler to give you an idea of size. one is about 6 and the other about 8 inches

I have a thought of making them to sell. I thought maybe I would put a grommet in the back with a carabineer clip in it. I am just not sure they will sell at a decent price. Do you like the idea? What do you think people would pay for them?




14 thoughts on “A Couple of Felted Pouches

  1. Cute and clever design Ann. Personally I like the one with the rounded bottom, but I’m sure you could sell both designs. But I guess the big question is it worth the time? Is there a way to shorten the process without compromising the integrity of the product. I think there would be a market for a unique product especially among crafters or for gifts. Why not try making several and try selling them at your next fair?

    1. Thanks. The fringed one is round but not as much. The frill made it look square. I may just do that. I will have another go at adding some frilly edges.

    2. I have to admit it is not my idea. I saw it on a purse on Pinterest and thought it was a good idea nd gave it a go. The loop on the larger one could have been a bit bigger.

    3. Even if it wasn’t your idea, it worked and looks cool on the card case.

  2. I agree with Marilyn…they are cute and clever, and different. But could you sell them for a price that reflects the work? I,m not sure, good idea to make a few and sell them at your next ‘do’ first.

    1. Thanks Maureen, I think I may be able to make a bunch of them at the same time. Neither of you said what you thought about the grommet and carabineer idea?

  3. These are great Ann. I would sell something like this probably in the $45-50 range. I think the grommet and carabineer is a good idea. Then you could attach to a belt or attach to your larger purse and not lose it inside the bag.

    1. Thanks Ruth. Wow, that much? That is more than I thought. Want to buy some pouches? LOL I thought about putting skinny piece of Velcro in the top part so you could stick something in there to keep it safe, a little USB stick or key. It would be hard to sew in and I am not sure the sticky back stuff would stick well enough.

  4. I agree with the comments above – make a few as a trial and see how it goes. I prefer the one without the ruffle, very pretty, and I think a clip on it would be a good idea to save rummaging around in a bag to find it.

    1. Thanks Lyn. I think I will. I was very unimpressed with the ruffle. I will see how the next one turns out. I need to find my grommets. Every time (once every 2 or 3 years) I want one, I seem to have to go buy new ones and a new applicator.

  5. These are great, Ann 🙂 I agree with the comments on whether the time+effort would get the price to be worth it. I wouldn’t get £4.50- £5 here, so for me it wouldn’t, but you can only try and see, you have great fairs and people who value crafts there.

  6. A good idea Ann. I would put them on at £5, and no this would not be reflecting the time and effort gone into them but so what’s new!!!

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