Tidying, Rediscovering, and Inspiration

Tidying, Rediscovering, and Inspiration

I’ve been having a big tidy up this week, so haven’t had much time to make anything. And not having space to make anything is one reason for the tidy up! It’s amazing how just not putting things away properly can soon build up to one giant mess. One of the few positives to tidying up is re-discovering things. The first thing I was happy to find is a chiffon scarf I must have bought over 20 years ago. I don’t think it’s silk, but it really is nice. It looks like it was made from a larger piece:

The second small scarf I found was a silvery grey silk one which was my mum’s. I’ve thought about making a nuno piece out of it:

I bought a few large silk scarves around November last year. They’ve got sequins sewn on, and I thought I’d try one for a nuno scarf. They’re not the kind of thing I’d usually buy, but they were knocked down from £20, to £2!:

And, if you’re like me, a big part of tidying up invoves playing about with stuff you’re meant to be tidying! For some reason I kept a load of little paper hearts from the hole-punch I use on tags:

And then I found a lens from a small kaleidoscope (I used to buy them for photography!), so had to have a play. This is a soft wispy piece I made at the well being centre recently:

And this is some Kevlar fibre/thread:

One thing I did find got me thinking about Ruth’s first Quarter Challenge. Tyvek envelopes. I’ve only played around with them once, fairly recently, and just held a couple of pieces over the gas rings on the stove:

I don’t know what I’ll do with the unmelted ones yet, but they have potential!

If you have any tips for keeping tidy, feel free to leave them!

16 thoughts on “Tidying, Rediscovering, and Inspiration

    1. Yeah, but at the same time, I don’t want to ‘ruin’ them! I can never find things either, I label tubs, but just generally forget all the things in them 🙂

    1. Oh, come on! Set the bar a bit lower! 🙂 I did think of painting, but then was thinking along the lines of attaching the tyvek via holes in it with some kind of knitting or crochet. I have a few envelops, so I’ll play around 🙂

  1. Well tidying up has given you a new stash for a wide variety of projects for this year. I hope you make your Mom’s scarf into something special. I’ve often thought about tyvek but haven’t tried it yet. Have fun!

    1. Cheers, Marilyn 🙂
      I was tidying away old envelopes and other silly things I’d hoarded, and when I realised one was tyvek, I thought, well, if I’m going to throw it away, may aswell see how it melts first 🙂 Now I have two large bubbly melted ‘shapes’ to find a home for!

  2. The scarves are lovely Zed, you should do something with them. I had a tidy of my craft room the other day, or as my husband insists on calling it the ‘dining room’ !

    1. Ha ha, I agree with Lyn! If we were meant to have whole rooms for eating, we wouldn’t have laps which are perfect height and size for plates 😉

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      It used to drive me mad when the kids did it, but I got so sidetracked looking up old bands on youtube that were listed on old tapes, flicking through old photos, playing with finger cymbals, deciding I do actually need all those ornaments and bracelets and beads I put away last time!

  3. Its great finding things you had forgotten about when your having a sort out. I bought two sets of ALGOT wire drawers from Ikea recently and have all my Merino stored in them…..they are so useful and this room has never been so organised! By the way, I have made brooches from melted Tyvek Zed. If you like I could add the instructions and a photo to the guest post I’ve got scheduled for the 8th.

    1. My first ‘leg’ of tidying was my wool, and I found a pillowcase full of Merino, I thought it was spare from the well-being classes and almost took it all in (the spare wool for that was in an Amazon box under a table), I found the invoice at the bottom and realised I’d bought it for fibre kits, then forgotten!

      Oh, if it isn’t too much trouble, some instructions would be brilliant, thanks Karen 🙂

    2. Good job you left the invoice in the bag! Re the Tyvek brooches, I will put some instructions together and post it on the Forum under the latest challenge.

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