Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

This past weekend, my husband and I drove up to Wisconsin for a weekend away.  I had hoped we’d see plenty of fabulous fall colors I could share.  Unfortunately, Wisconsin is suffering from the same drought we have here in Illinois and we arrived a week earlier than the peak.  Many of their trees have lost their leaves already, like ours here. But here is one fallish pic entering Wisconsin.

I haven’t been too productive this week.  But I do have a few projects I have put finishing touches on and haven’t shared.

I signed up for Ruth’s Printing and Stenciling on Felt class, so I managed to make a couple of handmade prefelts to play with.  I have plenty of commercial.  The purple was some unknown fiber batt. I decided to use a silk hankie to give it a little sparkle, but it didn’t.

The turquoise is commercial prefelt with some throwsters waste which isn’t very evident.

I think I will be able to use both sides just to experiment. I like the sides without the silk better.

I also made a thicker light blue batt with some mulberry silk.

I have no idea what I’ll be printing on any of these and have gathered a bunch of samples and other UFOs to experiment on.

Here is a failed coaster that had gold fabric felted in that I did a little free motion practice on.

A while back I had felted a bunch of samples from scarves.  I couldn’t find the post with the original scarves. One of them had dots which I wasn’t crazy about. I had done both sides and didn’t care for the inside either.  However, after felting the dots weren’t obvious, they looked more like flowers.  I made it into a little case and did a little embroidery on with with some silver floss for a little bling.

  The back:

The front has a little bit of black organic edging.

Nothing exciting this week, but I got to re-purpose a few things.


15 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. What a good idea to use silver thread for the bling – lovely effect and lovely little purse.
    The failed coaster actually looks quite pretty with the butterfly! I like the gold felted in.
    I hope you enjoy Ruth’s class and you can never have too much felt ready to play with.
    We’ve had plenty of rain so we have a lot of soggy leaves underfoot. Where I live I can’t see any blazes of colour but I do have some small bursts in the garden with shrubs like the blueberry bushes etc

    1. Thanks Lyn! We’ve had rain, too. In fact it rained all weekend. Now it’s sunny and cool. We have some colors, but not as much as usual. My sumac is usually a beautiful red orange, but half the leaves are gone already.

      You’re right about never having to worry about having enough felt. I think I could wallpaper several walls with what I have laying in piles. 🙂

  2. Repurposing unfinished projects is always a good thing! There is such a great sense of satisfaction when you transform your leftovers into something a bit better. Like Lyn, I found the butterfly coaster to be quite charming!

    1. Thnaks Cathy! I agree repurposing gives a lot of satisfaction. Glad you like the butterfly. I have a silver one to do something with now.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you stencil or print on the felt. Your butterfly is wonderful, you have definitely improved on your free motion skills. The little purse is really cute. Good job on getting rid of some of your UFO’s!

  4. Thanks Ruth! I guess the butterfly is a hit. I may do some embroidery on it when I get around to it. I know I have to get started on the classwork. Where does all the time go?

  5. I need to take a leaf out of your book Marilyn and finish off more UFO’s! Your little purse is beautiful and I love your butterfly…..something about the shape of it is making me think of hieroglyphics.

    1. Thanks Karen! I’ll have to look at the butterfly again. Hieroglyphics, hmmm. Very interesting perspective. Believe me when I was working on the butterfly hieroglyphics were the furthest thing from my mind. 🙂

    2. It’s funny how things can suddenly come to mind when you’re not expecting it! I think it was the bold outline that suggested it to me.

  6. You are right that you can never have to much prefelt ready to work with. The purse is cute and the silver thread adds to the flower look. I need to do some UFOs too

  7. I depleted my stocks of spare felt a while ago and had to make more! Though last time I organised my ‘spares’ I realised I probably have enough for a lot of projects. It’s finding the time though, or time to clear the mess for space! Your butterfly looks great and adding the shiny embroidery to the dotty case was a great idea 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed! I’m sure working at the Centre helped deplete that stock. 😉 I need to clear my space, too, but then when would I have time to create? Haha. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, for now.

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