Beach Bowl and Scrubbies

Beach Bowl and Scrubbies

Since I started crocheting, I’m constantly seeing projects I’d like to try.  Although, I’ve had to take a break to give my hands a vacation especially after this project.

Crocheting over wire looked interesting in the form of a bowl. I bought a Caron Sweet Roll because I liked the ocean colors, but I had a little bit of trouble finding plastic covered wire cording.  I ended up with plastic clothesline in white.

It was a bit fiddly to begin with.  I think if I had gotten the wire I would have had a bit more control.  But I managed to get the bowl shape with a little heavy hand and forming it over a bowl.

The pattern I had seen had a flat brim on the bowl, but when I followed their instructions it was a mass of curls.  So, I tore it out and made my own brim which is a little wavy but not curly.  I didn’t take a picture of the curly brim since I decided on impulse to rip it out.

From the top:


Side:Bottom: Now that I was done, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  It reminded me of the beach, so I decided to give it some shells.  I’ll have to find more shells to fill it some more.

Perhaps I should have left the curls to look like waves. Too late.

I also found some fun new yarn called Scrubbie cotton yarn by Red Heart Lion.  So, I made some cloths and and brillo like pads with several colors.  The pad is made using a combination of cotton thread and the scrubbie yarn.

Here are closeups of the pad then the washcloth:

I made a couple in turquoise.

Then another set in more neutral colors.

They were quick and easy to make and work well for the face or dishes.

What new projects have you done lately?


20 thoughts on “Beach Bowl and Scrubbies

  1. It seems Marilyn that you have been taken over by crocheting. The bowl looks great but must have been qite fiddly working with wire. I love tha pads too. Very nice pattern and colours.

    1. Thanks Nada! I think I’m going to give my hands a break from crocheting. :-). Yes, it was quite fiddly getting that clothesline to cooperate. But I gave it a try. It’s not a project I’ll repeat. But the scrubbies were fun and full of texture.

  2. Crocheting over the plastic-coated wire must make for a robust bowl. I really like it! (The ocean colours didn’t sway me one bit :).
    It looks pretty with the shells in it, but it could also be used in a practical way – perhaps as a fruit bowl?

    I like the wash-cloths. They’d certainly get the grime off!

    1. Thanks Lyn! I think if the clothesline actually had wire it would be a bit more malleable and sturdy. It’s a bit wobbly. Yes, a fruit bowl would work. At the moment it just called for shells. 🙂 I do love ocean colors as well. But I guess everyone knows that by now.

  3. No wonder your hand is tired, that plastic clothesline doesn’t seem like the most pliable thing… As for the washcloths, I really like that they’re textured, certainly a great way to help with the cleaning.

  4. Thanks Leonor! The washcloths have great texture. If you look closely, there are little cutoffs plus in the round one there is cotton thread which gives it bit more strength and added texture.

    As far as the clothesline, it was like wrestling with a snake most of the time.

  5. Great job on the bowl. I don’t think I would want to fight with wire while crocheting. I like crocheted dish cloths and the extra texture would make them even better.

    1. Thanks Ann! The bowl was a challenge, but I love the colors. The scrubbies were fun and are very useful. The extra texture does make a difference and they aren’t as harsh as some other scrubbies.

  6. The scrubbies I’ve used (ordered from Etsy since I do not crochet) have been all cotton; and although I like the idea of extra texture for scrubbing, what is the fiber content of the “scrubbie yarn”? Nice work on the bowl!

    1. Thanks Ruth. I can’t envision how this would be stitched on a machine. I have done coiled bowls eons ago, but it wasn’t with a machine.

    1. Thanks Kim! You can also use the scrubbies for your face and body. They are soft enough yet exfoliate the skin gently. 🙂

  7. The bowl is great, Marilyn! I love the scrubby yarn too, it makes great cloths. I bet it would look great felted too 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed! I’ll definitely have to use the scrubby yarn in felt.

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