Project Updates

Project Updates

I showed a piece of green plaid-inspired felt a few weeks ago. I made it to use for a notebook cover with front flap and incorporated cord/tie. I finished that a couple of days ago. This is how it looks on the book with the cord wrapped around:

This is what it looks like on the inside without the book in:

I promised photos of the finished purses, and surprisingly, I have them! This is the bluey/purpley ones, and I also made a small simple case with a green plaid offcut:

And here are the finished pink purses:

I liked the green felt with Bluefaced Leicester locks so much I made a blue one:

I used more embelleishments on this one though: silk carrier rods, silk paper, viscose paper, cotton gauze, unravelled novelty yarns.

The shiny white patch at the top is viscose paper, the blue rectangle in the bottom right is silk paper:

A BFL lock:

I feel like I could sleep for a month now, and if I never have to do blanket stitch again this year, I won’t mind!

20 thoughts on “Project Updates

    1. Thanks, Jifke 🙂
      (it’s me, Zed!) I did sell one of the purses, so I am happy!

  1. Your projects look so nice, Zed. The coin purses look adorable (I even like the pink ones, what’s going on here?! :D) and that shot of the BFL lock is a great definition of #woolporn 😉

    1. Thanks, Leonor 🙂
      I’ve actually started to link pink more since I’ve used it a lot. Maybe I had a mental barrier against it from the ridiculous forced marketing of it as a ‘girl’s colour’. I should have used your hashtag at the fair yesterday!!

    2. You’re not alone, I used to say pink was a shy red that didn’t have the courage to be bold 😬
      I should send you a very interesting video on why pink is the colour for girls, and how everyone from the 20s would just laugh at us if we said that then…

      Keep that hashtag, it’ll come in handy 😁

  2. Ha ha Leonor! Yes how good does that lock look against the purple background……moving on – Zed, blanket stitch fatigue/hatred aside, I love all these covers/purses of yours, you are so good with them, always vibrant and I’d want to pick them all up and peer inside.

    1. Thanks, Tracey 🙂
      Me too, it’s weird how much people have to be convinced to touch things.

  3. Nice work Zed. I really like the flap on the book cover. I can see adding a long thin pocket inside it to hold a couple of pencils and then using for a sketch book. the little purses are great too. that very purple one is my favourite. Pig surprise there. LOL I must get out my carrier rods( find where I stashed them). and dye some. I forgot how good they look felted in.

    1. Thanks, Ann 🙂
      I’ve had a few ideas for sketchbook covers, but until I find affordable hardback sketchbooks to fit inside, I think they’ll stay ideas! Yeah, I hadn’t used carrier rods for ages, I have some really nice colours too.

  4. Leonor is spot on – a post of woolporn indeed. I love the new blue piece – it’s done – just hang it on the wall.
    The notebook cover with its clever tie is wonderful. It would be a pleasure to carry and use a notebook in that cover.
    As for the purses, wow, beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      The blue piece is already a book cover! I didn’t get much interest in the cover with the tie at the craft fair, but maybe at Christmas!

  5. Well you have been busy Zed. They all look great, but my favorite, like Ann, is the purple then the turquoise next to it. The book cover is a nice clever change in design. I know if I did much blanket stitching my hands would not be happy with me. I’ve never heard of viscose paper.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      The ‘viscose paper’ is just the same as silk paper, but made with viscose tops instead. Like the carrier rods, I have so many things I haven’t used for ages.

    2. Thnaks for the explanation. That makes sense now. Like you I have tons of stuff I haven’t used for a long time and forget I have them.

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