Project Updates

Project Updates

I remembered today that I haven’t shown the rest of the money purses or the notebook cover I was working on a few weeks ago. These are the purses opened up:

And this is what they look like closed:

I’ve added blanket stitch around all the purses now, but they still need buttons and button-holes. This is how the book cover looks from the front, with a notebook inside:

This is how it looks from the back:

I took a couple of photos without the notebook in, this is what the inside looks like:

And this is the front and back together:

And while I was looking for those photos, I came across some felt I made for another book cover. I wanted a cover with the tie incorporated in the design.

Once I tried the felt on a notebook, I realised it wasn’t quite wide enough, so I made another piece to cut the back cover panel out of:

I’ve only got as far as cutting the felt to size so far.

10 thoughts on “Project Updates

  1. Nice colorful projects as usual Zed. When you use the offcuts do you have a backing and do you puzzle piece them together or overlap? I’ve been looking at my offcuts and am trying to figure out what I can do with them.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      Yeah, I use backing with the offcuts, for the book covers I use a really thin fabric, I’m not sure what it is, my dad got it out of a skip (dumpster!) It looks like something between horticultural fleece and interfacing. Some offcuts I overlap, especially some of the pieces cut from nuno sampling, and the edges haven’t attached well, I’ll put the next piece over that slightly. It depends on how much it will be handled/how much wear, the shoulder bags rub against clothes more, so I make sure they’re firmer/more secure, as long as the bits aren’t loose/lifted up, you can be less fussy for book covers.

  2. Your purses are the best! They are so pretty but very practical too – and I know they stand the test of time because you’ve said about the one you’ve used for yonks.
    The finished book cover is fabulous – love the colours and the way you’ve pieced the patterns together.

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      I’ve been using my zipper foot on the machine for the bags, so I might do a few purses with zip section again. I stopped because zips are so hard to line up, but I’m getting better!

  3. I also love your coin purses, especially the purple one, it has the pattern of muscle shells in my mind. The puzzle piecing is fantastic, I would not know where to start on that one. Vibrant and cheerful, job’s a good ‘un !

    1. Thanks, Tracey 🙂
      That actually started life as flowers, but looks so different now! I don’t think it matters where you start when patching pieces of felt together, because any plans soon get shelved once you start! I start along the top though and join a row of pieces, then keep adding in wonky rows from there, but as you can tell, it soon finds its own course 🙂

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