Spinning at the Medieval Fair.

Spinning at the Medieval Fair.

Last Sunday I went to the medieval for to be part of the demo at our local Medieval fair. It is always fun.

Here I am spinnign some of the rolags I told you about in this post.

It looks like I was saying something very interesting to Bernadetts Who was carding on the hand carders and spinning on her wheel. She was Dressed as a Moorish house slave to some a  Dutch family. She would not go get us Coffee though. 😉

In the picture above you can see Judy spinning on a medieval spindle and using a distaff to hold her wool. Below is a video of me trying to learn and not doing a good job.

It’s a different action then using a suspended drop spindle like I usually do.  You have to spin and control the spindle with your right hand and draft off the distaff with the left.  My right wants to drift up and help my left draft. I need to practice much more. If you look at a medieval painting of spindle spinners you will see how they have one hand at there side and one up by the distaff.

We were close to the stage so we had entertainment most of the day. Here we are watching the dancers and musicians. but notice I am still demoing and not slaking off.  Another great reason to use a spindle.

Then this happened, and we had to pack up quick as the heavens opened and we all tried to stay dry.

All in all a fun day with friends and fiber.


15 thoughts on “Spinning at the Medieval Fair.

  1. Shame about the storm. I enjoyed the video clip – it doesn’t look an easy process Ann, but your perseverance is admirable.

    1. Storms are becoming second nature here this year. I feel like I am living in a humid swamp. I need to practice more but I will get there. My friend Judy says we want to learn all the different ways of spindle spinning. There may be more interesting thing to come.

  2. Must have been a lovel day. Music must have been mediaeval too. I like your outfit, Ann.

    1. It was a great day Nada, the music and entertainment was eclectic. It went up and down the time line and around the world. Thanks it’s amazing what you can do with a couple of bed sheets.

  3. It looks like fun until the rain. I admire your tenacity with the spinning. I’m all thumbs with the drop spindle let alone with a distaff.

    1. I enjoy the regular drop spindle even when I am not doing it well. this is a challenge. Its nice to have a challenge hat doesn’t matter if you ever get good at it.

  4. Looks like a good day Ann – well, apart from the weather, but there’s not much we can do about that. Love the costumes – very authentic, you just need some fetching mediaeval spectacles now. 🙂
    How about some like this from c1450? 🙂

    Spinning from the distaff looks very challenging, though it does demonstrate the ‘drop’ part of the drop spindle. 😉

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Yes I do need a pair of medieval spectacles. wonder if I could make a pair out of some cheep ones form the dollar store. There were some comments about Judy’s medieval sunglasses too. LOL I think I need to practice the 2 parts separately. I am not used to spinning of a half hitch or drafting with one hand. I am getting the hand of long draw on the spindle lately.

  5. I was just watching and thinking it’s a good thing you both had sunglasses on, I’d take someone’s eye out with those things! I do like seeing your fairs, Ann 🙂

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