White Nuno Texture

White Nuno Texture

I took some close up photos of the white textured nuno piece I showed last week. I used a few different types of cotton fabrics: some cotton gauze-single pieces and folded over, some scrim, cheesecloth, some natural muslin, somecotton fabric from an old sack which was thicker than muslin, but thinner than calico (any ideas?). Here are close ups of the cotton parts:




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI used some synthetic chiffon, I liked these ripples:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also used some silk crepe:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI used similar fabrics on a larger piece, and also used some bleached Muslin (very white pieces) and a scrap of crumpled habotai silk:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can see the textures better on an angle:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really like the extreme textures and wonder what other single colours would look good.

10 thoughts on “White Nuno Texture

  1. Great textures zed. Looking down a the clouds on our flight home at the weekend. I was thinking lovely nuno felt! Now I’m thinking lovely clouds! 🙂

  2. Lovely, but it’s not really a single colour – I can see cream, off-white and white! I like the variegation in colour as well as texture.

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      Yeah, apart from the bleached stuff, they all look similar colours until put next to each other, some of them even have a pinky hue.

  3. You achieved a nice variety of textures and shades of white. I like the ripples, too. But it all works nicely together. I imagine a variety of shades of any other color and textures would work.

    1. Thanks, Marily 🙂
      I thought about trying some similar shades of one colour or other today, but in the end went for all organza.

  4. Thanks for the close ups. I have no idea what the thicker than muslin but thinner than calico might be because you always call fabrics something different than I do 🙂

    I think another one in light blue or light green would be lovely!

    1. Ha, yeah, you’d think in these days of ‘globalisation’ there’d be some way of standardising or at least comparing things like this. I’ll keep an eye out for light blue and green fabrics to add to my hoarde! I’ve just been painting with blues and greens so maybe a bit of both would work too, with yellow Merino.

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