Nuno Felt Scarves and Some Yarn

Nuno Felt Scarves and Some Yarn

I managed to get  couple more scarves done this week. I forgot to get shots of them before I wet them but here they are finished and drying. I lightened them so they are more the colour they will be when they are dry. I had to be fast taking the pictures, the breeze was blowing again and my son had to play interference with the turkeys who were too interested in what I was doing.


pink close green close


I started another with the last of the scarf blanks I dyed. I will have to dye some more. I need to add some purple to the inventory.

orange scarf start

The other thing I did this week was skein my hand spun yarn so I could get it washed. I want to sell it in small skeins for people to use as embellishments in wet felting.

Yarn washed and hanging

Scarves group 4 Scarves group 3 scarves group 2 Scarves group 1

I have to decide how much yarn to put in a small skein. I measured the yarn I put on the green scarf, The scarf starts out just shy of 8 ft. long. I was surprise how much yarn I used; 404 inches/ 33.66 feet/11.2 yards Or 1026.16cm/10.26 metres. So I think maybe 12yds/11meters in a skein. Some will be shorter because there isn’t 12 yard total but the length will be on each label. What do you think? Pricing it is the next problem.


16 thoughts on “Nuno Felt Scarves and Some Yarn

  1. Lots of lovely, colourful, woolly goodies there Ann. I haven’t a clue as to how to price them, folks don’t realise how much time it takes, not to mention the skills involved.

  2. Your yarns are beautiful Ann! Such a lot of work gone into those.

    I chuckled when you said about the turkeys and your scarves! They’re lovely and I’m sure they will sell quickly.

  3. Congrats on the sale, Ann! As for the yarn, it’s very interesting how you’re marketing it specifically for felting – that would have never occurred to me! I’d go straight for knitting or weaving, but your idea is great for smaller quantities of hand spun 🙂

    1. How interesting! Do you use a wheel or a drop spindle? I can go for hours on my wheel and before I know, I’ve spun quite a few hundred yards…

    2. What wheel did you have? I’ve three now, have to downsize 🙂 It’s funny how we all prefer different things, I can’t fathom using a spindle!

    3. I had an Ashford traveler and I liked it just fine. It’s that I never used I because I prefer the drop spindle. If I wanted large quantities of yarn I would go with the wheel. I don’t knit or weave.

  4. Beautiful colors of scarves and yarn. Definitely add purple! I’m sorry since I don’t sell anything I’m no help in that department. But I would imagine if you mark them the buyer will have an idea if it’s enough for whatever purpose. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Marilyn, the next on e will be just white; white silk, white wool and then white silk top and throwsters waist on the top. I have to dye for some purple ones.

  5. I would love to purchase some of your yarns! Can you tell me what dyes you used, and did you set the color? I am asking to determine how they may bleed during the wet felting process, though I am not too concerned. Thanks!

    1. I thought I answered this, sorry for the delay. The skeins are dyed with acid dye. They are set. they have been was as well after wards so the is no bleeding. I chatted with a friend and I am pricing them at $5 a skein. The skeins are approximately 12 yards. the orange scarf above has 11 yards of each yarn on it.

  6. Great scarves and yarn Ann. I would definitely ask people you know who already sell yarn what they think on pricing. It’s a good idea to sell as embellishments

    1. Thanks Ruth, I thought I answered you and Vicky but they are not here. I did talk to a friend who sells handspun and does custom spinning. we decided $5 was a reasonable price for the amount of wool. I am told rug hookers like these small skeins as well.

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