The Final Projects for the Paper Lamination Class

I wasn’t able to finish the coursework for Ruth’s Paper Lamination Class within the class time, but have since completed the last two assignments.  We had a choice of several different options for the last two weeks.  I chose to use one of the lamination pieces on a pillow.  It was a piece of silk habatoi that I used a stencil with acrylic paint on a piece of copy paper.


I made a couple of batts  with gray,  a little green and purple accents over a resist. Then wet felted.  Of course, I had to cut a side to get the resist out and the pillow stuffing in.  While it was drying, it was a nice square shape.  Now its a funky shape.  But that’s ok, the colors go perfectly in my bedroom.


It seemed a little plain so I tried adding prefelt leaves, but I felt they overwhelmed the design.  I was very pleased with the texture and dimension of the flowers and decided not to do any stitching like I had on the bird project.

20160714_120715 20160714_120705

So, I decided to  stitch around the silk using a cretan stitch. It was an exercise in patience and practice.  I used a silver sharpie to put a few dots in the center of the flowers as stamens.



Here’s the back with a subtle marbled effect:


Next I made a wall hanging.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the organza I painted.   I call it “paintbrush.”  In the closeups you can see the brush  strokes if you look hard.


20160614_153320 20160614_153155 20160614_152648

I also got some great dimension:

20160614_152635 20160614_152554 20160614_152546

Here is the back:


Now it is hanging in my kitchen.  Yes, the wall is teal.


I’m very pleased with both projects.

Thanks Ruth for offering the class.  I really enjoyed it.


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10 Responses to The Final Projects for the Paper Lamination Class

  1. Lyn says:

    Wow! I love the cushion and I’m glad you didn’t go ahead with the leaves – the stitching you added is perfect and the funky shape is far prettier than a factory perfect square. The wall hanging is luscious.

  2. zedster66 says:

    They’re both really nice, Marilyn 🙂 You did get great texture on both pieces. I like the green/purple/white colour combo on the wall hanging.

    • Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

      Thanks Zed! The colors work really well with my decor and, of course, are favorites.

  3. ruthlane says:

    These both turned out really well Marilyn. I really like the way the flowers on the pillow turned out and they would work for the 3rd quarter challenge, adding dimension. The texture of the wall hanging is wonderful too. Looks great on the wall 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the class.

  4. Lovely projects, Marilyn, with wonderful texture and dimension. Your embroidery stitching was the perfect finish for your pillow!

    • Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

      Thanks Cathy for the compliment and suggestion for the Cretan stitch.

  5. The flowers are so distinct They look great on the pillow. The second piece has so much texture. It looks terrific on your wall colour.

  6. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    Thanks Ann!

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