Felted Flowers

Felted Flowers

Along with the pink hat commission, ( https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2016/04/21/an-order-for-a-hat/)    a decorative flower was requested.

The flower is to be orange.  I did some dying to get some nice shades or orange. https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2016/04/30/i-did-some-dying-on-the-weekend/

I made several flowers so she will have a choice.

3 colour flower layout

This is the layout for 2 of the flowers I made. I wanted to try 2 different methods of making them. One is felted as separate pieces and finished like this:

3 colour flower fleted

The second set where started the same but then they were stacked with a resist between.

staked flower seperate staked flower together

I did put some plastic in as well . I was worried the felt would flatten out over the edges of the resist and stick together. My plan was to have the flower layers  all nicely felted together in the middle. It did not work that way. The floor underlay was to thick to let the middles  stick together properly. I should have gone with thin plastic wrap for the resist.

I needled them together part way through so in the end they look like this:

staked flower felted

I also made pieces for a bright sunny orange flower.

orange flower

And a different style of flower . I forgot to take a picture before felting. I made 6 petals that were shaped like a double pointed leaves. I did them separately so I could get them all the same size. I then put them together and made sure there was enough wool overlapping so that there would be no holes.  I added orange silk to make stripes on the petals and yellow in the middle to decorate it. I also added some green on the bottom.

pettled flower pettled flower botom

This shot shows you the depth of the flower.

pettled flower angle

I need to make the middles for the round layered flowers and I am gong to try to make some stamen for the petaled flower. That will be my daily dose of fiber tomorrow. I will take some pictures of them finished and show you  them and the hats the next time it”s my turn to Blog.


14 thoughts on “Felted Flowers

  1. It’s great that you’re giving the hat buyer a few options – I’d be very pleased with that as a customer.
    They’re all looking good so far and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished flowers.

  2. Use of silk on the multi-petalled flower adds gorgeous texture as well, looking forward to the final reveal!

    1. Thanks Jan. First job today is making some leaves. I completely forgot about leaves for some reason. They won’t take long to dry in todays lovely swarm sunshine.

  3. Great flowers Ann. I have used plastic wrap with resists for flowers and it seems to work best since it’s thin. A spot of green leaves will definitely give you a good contrast.

  4. Shes going to have a hard time choosing. I use plastic as well for resists with a hole in the middle so the centers felt together during wet felting. It will be interesting to see which she chooses. My favorite is the darker red lily with the silk.

    1. I like the lily like flower best as well. If I had thought about it I would have used plastic wrap too. Its not the first time I have done something and thought well I knew that was what would happen. probably won’t be the last. LOL

  5. I like the silk effect too, Ann. I was going to try layered flowers this week, I’m not so sure now! I might just stick to separate layers. I did make some stamens last time I made flowers, from the offcuts, but they didn’t look right on the styles I made.

    1. hanks Zed. I made some stamen for the lily. They were just 1.5 inch long snakes folded in half and needle felted into the bottom of the flower.

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