Completing Another UFO

Completing Another UFO

I have been inspired by Ann’s 2nd quarter challenge to start working on the piles of fabric and UFO’s in my studio that haven’t been completed. I dyed this silk fabric in August of last year. You can read about the dyeing experience here and here.  I decided to make some pillows for our living room to liven up the place a little. I had two yards of fabric and made three 18″ square pillows and one 16″ square pillow. The smaller pillow was a request from hubby to use in his chair. I didn’t think this through very well and almost ended up without enough fabric. But I squeaked by and covered the pillow forms I had.

I also didn’t pay enough attention to where my flowers were going to end up and which side should be front and which back but it all worked out OK in the end. I also don’t stitch silk very often. I forgot how slick, slippery, stretchy and generally uncooperative it can be. Fun was had by all including the sewing machine trying to eat the fabric several times and jamming itself up.

Back of Poppy Pillow

On the three larger ones, I made an envelope style back.

Poppy Pillows on Couch

Here are all the pillows on one couch. Didn’t realize my Glacier Park painting was crooked until I looked at this photo. Better go straighten that.

The smaller pillow for hubby is on the left and here is one of the pillows in one of our other chair. I like the bright colors against the deeper green of the couch. They definitely brighten up the room.

Pile of Scraps

But I still have a pile of strips of green and red silk that I can’t throw away. Now I have to think of another project for these. They are too heavy for nuno and I really don’t want to do any more sewing of this slippery fabric but perhaps I can add them to cards or collages??

22 thoughts on “Completing Another UFO

  1. These are such lovely pillows and they really brighten up the space. I’m sure you will find a purpose to use the left overs. When I have thick silk like yours (as it seems from the picture), I out out shapes to make a pattern, lay them on the base of wool and cover the whole thing with a very thin piece of silk fabric. The silk underneath will not felt, or will felt just a little and leave a lovel pattern ater you have fully felted the piece.

  2. very beautiful cushions/pillows. A stunning colour combination. Are you sure it was the picture that is wonky not the camera angle?!

  3. The flowers are drop dead gorgeous Ruth, I hadn’t appreciated how large they were from your original post, the original piece must have been huge!

    1. Thanks Teri – it was a 2 yard piece of silk which I think was 45″ wide. So yes, the flowers are quite large.

  4. Beautiful cushions from a pretty piece of fabric and they really do look good on your settee (your painting is great too).

    You must feel good after making that piece of fabric so useful – Ann’s challenge will do us all good I feel.

    1. Thanks Lyn. If I can keep going with the challenge it will definitely be a big help to get some of this stuff out of my room and being used.

  5. The pillows look great, beautiful colors, flowers and great contrast with the couch and chair. Isn’t it always the case, you finish something and then there are those leftovers.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. Yes, I always seem to have leftovers. Perhaps we should all have a leftovers swap and see what we could do with each others leftovers??

  6. You put this beautiful fabric to great use, and those cushions really ‘pop’ against the couch and chair. 🙂
    The leftovers would make a great coordinating textural piece, woven with some yarn and felt scraps.

  7. Wow, those cushions are gorgeous, Ruth! 🙂 You could use the silk strips in a nuno weaving with fabrics which attach more easily, they’ll anchor the silk down where they cover it, and you’ll get some interesting effects in other places.

    1. Thanks Zed! I haven’t tried the nuno weaving effect before. I guess that would be a good experiment 🙂

  8. Hi Ruthlane,
    Do you weave? I am a silk painting artist and join my scraps to use in my weaving on both my floor loom and rigid heddle. They add a really nice textural surface!

  9. Wow – those cushions really do lift the room. Great job!

    I recently made some bookmarks with some of my shibori scraps just by gluing them onto card and adding a bit of ribbon, but your scraps may be larger and thicker.

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